Mountain Bike Light Review

Magicshine lights

A buddy just asked me which lights he should buy for riding single track at night. Heres my response:

Heres a post I wrote on night riding.

I ride with a Light & Motion Seca 700 mountain bike light on my bars and an older L&M on my helmet. If you go with only one light, I’d suggest having it on your helmet, but my buddies and I all ride 2 lights. Im very partial to Light & Motion lights, and I’d recommend either the Seca 700 or the new Seca 900. Go with the race not the ultra. The regular/race has a smaller battery that lasts 3-4 hrs on High, I believe, whereas the ultra-just has a larger battery that lasts 7-8 hrs, which is unnecessary for anything other than adventure racing and solo 24 hr racing.

OR, there’s a new light that appears to be a knockoff of another good light. They claim 900 lumens, but I hear it’s more like 600 lumens. But for the price (~$100) you absolutely cannot beat it given that the Seca 700 is about $550. Here’s a review from a buddy of mine.

So if you wanted to not break the bank, I’d say get 2 of the Magicshine lights. One for the bars and one for the helmet. Or, get a Seca 700 for the bars and a Magicshine for the helmet.

light and motion seca 700

Let me know when you get them! I went for a great night ride last night. Trails were a little slick, but its still always great fun.

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