Know the Difference: Tactical Backpack vs Hiking Backpack

tactical vs hiking backpack

When going on hiking adventure or into the wild, it is crucial to know the difference between the tactical and hiking bag. They both have pros and cons for different situations, so you need to figure out which one will suit you best. This way you will avoid some problems, like getting uncomfortable, having unorganized backpack for needed situation or overweight issues.

Here’s the deal:

You need to ask yourself which pack is right for your unique situation. Because, the pack you choose depends on your special needs. Here we covered basic information about tactical backpack vs hiking backpack, so you can see what differences they have.

Without further ado, let’s dive into it.

Tactical Backpack

The right tactical pack will keep you comfortable in the most demanding situations. With the great storage space, they are suitable for military deployment, law enforcement or long-distance hiking. But, with so many different features they can also be used for other purposes, like camping or for everyday carry.

Many of these backpacks come with external parts for earphones, radio antennae or nozzles and hydration bladder compatibility. If you prefer a bag with good organization and storage for your stuff than this pack is a right choice for you.They are usually heavier than other backpacks, but extra durable.

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If you don’t mind some additional weight, they are excellent for rough conditions. You can add gear and attachments to the bag and easily organize them. The amount of stuff that this pack can hold depends on the construction of the bag itself.

So, when choosing one, always look at how much weight it can take. This way you can determine how much gear you can carry. Their volume is measured in liters or cubic inches.

It includes compartments and pockets. If they have attachable pouches, pay attention is it listed in the bags’ volume. Their main features are durability and strength.

The highly structured layouts and all-weather materials are made to fit comfortably on your back and keep your stuff protected. It doesn’t matter whether you are going on an afternoon hike or a three-day trip, these bags are perfect for organizing your gear and carrying a heavy load. Even for the most dangerous trails in the world, this pack will hold through every tough challenge.

Most packs are made from polyester or nylon materials which are waterproofed. Some of them utilize a diagonal weave. It protects from abrasions and tears and enhances strength.

So, tactical bags are great for weekend trips, hikes, camping, hunting and many other purposes. With so many features that come with it, you will easily organize your gear and get ready for another adventure. It is important to read the description of the product and find out which one will suit your needs.

The Downside to Purchasing These Packs:

Well, the main problem with these bags is the weight. If you have a hard time carrying a heavy load or some back issues, then go for a hiking pack.

It will be a better choice for you since it is lighter and much easier to carry. This way you can hike without any difficulties, be more comfortable and stay safe on the trail.

Note for the military tactical bags:

Tactical backpacks are made mainly for use by police or military personnel. If you need a military tactical backpack, then make sure to get a real one. There are many different types of them on the market, so pay attention when buying it.

Watch out for those cheap bags that will split open when you start packing your gear. Bear in mind to always measure yourself properly to know which bag will suit your body size. The crucial thing is to test it, before purchasing.

Hiking Backpack

One of the best things about hiking backpacks are how comfortable and light they are. It is hard to distinguish what adds more weight and what’s useful because they are more feature-rich than ever. Choosing the right backpack depends on your needs.

For the last couple of years, these packs are upgraded to the perfection. They are comfortable, stronger and at the same time much lighter than before. If you are a hiker lover and a long distance traveler than this is the perfect solution for you.

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You won’t have to worry about getting fatigued, your back problems or getting injured while carrying a lot of weight. The length of a trip should determine how small or large your pack needs to be. If you are going on a long distance trip, choose a large backpack; and if you love those day hikes then go with the small one.

It is important to know its basics before buying one. They have internal or external frames which come in different sizes. They are helping hikers distribute their weight properly so they can carry their packs easy and comfortable.

Some of them include hydration systems, like provisions for water bladders, or a built-in bladder. The only flaw is that it can freeze when the weather is cold. But, they always have some space where you can put your water bottle.

When you want to buy a hiking backpack be sure to choose one that will suit your needs. The size should meet the demands of the trip duration. When testing it, center its weight on the hip, make sure to fit properly, and offer a good access to hydration.

This way you will be sure that backpack fits you perfectly and you’ll be ready for hiking some of the best trails. With the right one, your trip will be safe and more enjoyable.

The Downside of The Hiking Backpacks:

The main flaw of these packs is their lack of organization and compartments. Many companies cut down all the extra materials to lighten up the bag. Although this is perfect for light hikers, it is not a good option for those who like a good organization for their gear.


To choose the right backpack, you need to determine what are your needs, know the distance of the trip and how important is for you to organize your stuff. Always test it, before you buy it. It is important to fit your body size.

That way you will ensure comfort and avoid some injuries or back pain problems. In this article, we explained the main difference between the hiking and tactical backpack and on what things you should pay attention when buying one. So, be careful and choose the one depending on your needs.

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