Review: Sunglasses Cleaner Anti Fog


Last year as I walked through the expo at the Sea Otter Classic mountain bike race I noticed a couple of energetic guys waving around bright green cloths and giving incredibly enthusiastic sales pitches to the onlookers. I couldnt resist. It was like getting to partake in your very own as seen on TV infomercial. Turns out they were pitching Z-Wax, a sunglasses cleaner and anti fog treatment.

I stepped right up and after about 7 seconds of small talk they got right into their sales pitch. Something along the lines of we have a revolutionary new technology, yada, yada, proprietary compound, yada, yada, wont fog, repels dirt, so on, and so on. Essentially they had a blue substance in liquid and wax form that you can rub on your glasses, let it dry, then wipe it off with a micro fiber cloth and TA-DA! Your sunglasses are cleaned and have an anfi-fog treatment.

I handed them my Oakleys and they cleaned one lens with their stuff, then left the other as is. They then demonstrated with a humidifier how the lens that was treated didnt fog up nearly as much as the non treated leans and when removed from the steam the fog dissipated faster. I was sold.

zooke anti fog

He then went into the pitch of buy two, get a free cloth (it got much more elaborate) and so on. I figured what the heck, pulled out a $20 and walked off with a soft green cloth and 2 small containers of wax, a drip bottle and a spray bottle. Every pair of glasses I owned was going to be clean when I was done with them!

That was last year and I can confidently say that Ive now cleaned my glasses about once a week ever since and the stuff is amazing. Questionably the best $20 Ive spent when it comes to helping my vision. And it really is that simple. Smear a very thin layer of the wax on your glasses with your fingers, let it dry, wipe it off with a microfiber cloth and theyre as good as new. They wont fog up nearly as easily, theyre crystal clear, and they really do seem to repel dirt.

The stuff is called Zooke Z-Wax and you can buy it on their site


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