Review: 2009 Volkl Gotama Ski


I LOVE my Volkl Gotamas.  Its that simple.  Ive been telemark skiing for 5 or 10 years now and Ive skied a lot of skis and the one I choose to ski day in and day out is the 2009 Volkl Gotama.  They’re a fat ski at 105 under foot and they dominate the mountain.  I dont know if its the fact that Gotama (Siddhattha Gotama) was the founder of Buddhism and that they ski has attained enlightenment or what, but the fact that everyone who owns them calls them the Go To Mamas should tell you something.

How do they ski?

In Alaska powder they were an absolute dream.  Others in my crew were on K2 Pontoons, which are huge dedicated powder ski, and I was just as happy on my Gotamas.  They float up in powder and rip any big line you’re wiling to throw at them.  I didn’t realize how fast the speeds really are on big AK faces until I skied them first hand, and wow was I glad I was on my Gotamas.  They were totally stable and in control at mach speeds.

In Tahoe many skis get worked over by our Sierra cement.  Not the Gotama.  Yes, our snow has a higher water content then the fluffy blower powder in Utah, so that means a ski needs to be stable and smooth even when mashing through heavier snow.

Again, LOVED the Gotamas.  Point em or put em on edge.  Either way you’ll be happy with the outcome.

I generally keep my skis on the snow.  Ill drop small drops, but for the sake of my knees I try to keep it close to the snow. Until I got on the Gotamas.  They stomp landings with confidence.  I find myself jumping more and more due to how stable the Gotamas are on take-off and landing.

If you happen to be a mountain biker and have heard about how confidence inspiring and easy to ride an Ibis Mojo is, then I can tell you that this is the skiing equivalent.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that I spent a week backcountry skiing on the Gotamas in BC, and while they’re on the heavy side for a touring ski, it was absolutely worth it for the descents!  My skins were cut about 2mm in from my edges, so I truly had wall-to-wall carpeting under them which made for velcro like traction on the climbs.  And when the skins came off it was nothing but sheer joy.

2009 Volkl Gotama Specs:

Length: 183 mm (only length skied)

Sidecut: 133-105-124

Core Material: wood

Profile: Partial Twintip

Turning Radius: 29.5m @ 183cm

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