How to Organize Your Tactical Backpack

how to organize tactical backpack

Tactical backpacks are a great solution for rough conditions and the most demanding situations. They are suitable for law enforcement, military deployment, and the variety of outdoor activities like hiking, camping or everyday carry. Because of their strength and durability, they are perfect for carrying a heavy load and keeping your stuff protected.

That means they can hold through every tough challenge. But, having a right bag and a list of gear you are going to need, is not enough to be prepared for some challenges or threats you will have to face.

So, what else can you do?

Well, after you choose the right pack and essentials, you must learn how to organize your stuff. These bags come with the excellent storage space and so many features that you need to use properly. Adding some attachments and gear to it will help you set it up for your next mission.

What’s the bottom line?

Your comfort and survival needs to come first. Don’t overload your bag and pack with every item that crosses your mind, because it will lead to discomfort and some back injuries. For a better set up, follow this tactical backpack organizer guide.

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What Gear to Pack?

First, you need to ask yourself what is the essential you are going to need for your outdoor activity or a mission? Think about the challenges you might face and what safety gear you can bring in your pack. It all depends on your personal preference.

We made a list of the most important stuff every tactical backpack should have:

  • Water container
  • Food
  • Shelter
  • Safety Items
  • First aid kit
  • Hygiene
  • Fire starters

These are the essentials that you should pack anytime you go in the wild. The most important thing that every user must have is knowledge. It will also help you to lightweight your gear.

Survival books are bulky and heavy; it will overload your bag and take some valuable space. So, learning some useful information before you leave the house can be crucial for your health and safety. Also, another solution to this problem is your cell phone.

Nowadays everyone has the smart phone. You can download some essential apps that will help you get through some critical situations. There are many tips on the internet that you could use when you find yourself in some sort of danger.

But the downside to the phones is that your battery could be dead in serious moments, or it could break. So, we hardly recommend that you learn some important things about the environment you are going to visit and be prepared for anything.

soldiers packing tactical backpack

How to Pack Your Tactical Bag?

The best answer to this question is to pack in reverse order. The things you are going to use the last, pack first. And reverse, the one you will use frequently store in the end. Don’t forget that when your center of gravity is lower, it will provide you more stability.

Of course, some things you will need to keep close at hands like a bottle of water or a flashlight. Follow these easy steps when packing to ensure better organization and easy access to your stuff.

  1. The bottom of the bag
  • Sleeping bag
  • Tent
  • Tarp
  • Clothes
  • Hygiene

These are the things that you will be using less frequently. As we said, it is good for your balance that you keep heavier items at the bottom of the pack and close to your back. Some people prefer to tie the sleeping things on the outside of their bag.

That is an excellent way to leave some space in your backpack and organize your gear.

  1. The middle of the bag

In the core keep the things that are lighter and that you won’t use all the time. Of course, because you will pack food in the middle, so make sure to have easy access to it, wherever you need it. It will save your time.

The list of the items that go in the middle of the pack:

  • Water Containers
  • Food
  • Cooking stove
  1. The top of the bag and side pockets

On the top of your bag place the things that you will frequently be using. Make sure you have an easy access to them. That is why these items go last in your pack.

That includes:

  • Defense tools
  • Flashlights
  • Communication items like whistles, or radios
  • First aid kit
  • Maps

As for the side pockets, it would be best to use them for small essentials. This way you won’t have to take off your bag, and you will find it easier. Keeping your water bottle close at your hands will make you drink more water which is crucial for your health.

“Water bottles are an excellent way to increase your water intake. Get a high-quality one, even if it costs you a little more. A good stainless steel or heavy-duty plastic bottle should do the trick. Once you’ve found one you like, take it with you everywhere.” according to Life Hacker.

  • Fire starting stuff
  • Phone
  • Pen
  • Water bottle

Additional Tips:

The best way to protect your gear from outdoor elements is to put them in plastic bags or containers. This way you will ensure their proper function. Not only they are good for waterproofing your things, but they are also excellent for organizing your bag.

For an extra protection and a better set up use MOLLE pouches, nylon organizers, or stuff bags. That will also protect your items against the water and moisture.

So, try to avoid stuffing your bag, and organize it well. It will be easier to find stuff that you might need in some critical situation.


When organizing your gear this guide will help you learn how to do that properly. Remember, it is not enough just to have essentials with you; it is also important to quickly find them in some critical situation. Follow these easy steps and organize your tactical backpack like a pro.

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