How to Organize Your EDC Bag?

how to organize edc bag

Ideal EDC bag can hold everything you will ever need, and it is built to last. But sometimes it is hard to find the pack that will hold your essentials the way you want to. There are many of them on the market, with the different sizes, organizer panels and pockets.

We think you will agree with us when we say:

Having the right pack and essentials you will need, doesn’t mean that you are actually prepared. When you do not organize your pack well, you can have a bad experience.  It is important as well to find the right item at the critical moment.

Here’s the deal:

If you organize your edc bag properly, it will prevent chaos in it, and you will have easier access to your items. Plus, when you want to replace your suitcase, it will be a lot easier to transfer well-arranged stuff.

Now, we have rounded up these 11 great accessories that will help tidy your pack.

To know more, just keep reading:

1. Velcro Ties

Cords and cables can make a lot of clutter in your bag, but these loop and hook ties are a helpful way to keep them in control. They are durable and soft enough not to damage anything. Cut them to the particular size you will need.

Or you can merge them and make them longer. Also, use it to tie and secure some other stuff.

velcro ties

2. Gear Ties

It has a bendable wire that will allow the tie to bend in different configurations. This way, it cannot damage your stuff. Use it to tie the items together, create hooks or wrap it around some things.

They come in different colors. It will help you to find your stuff easier. They are UV resistant and waterproof also.

3. Pouch Organizer

Consider this item if you want your gear to be extra secured. There are many of them on the market, so choose the one that will suit your needs. It will be a little harder for you to get to your items because of the extra step of unzipping it, but well-organized gear comes first.

4. Camera Insert

Camera insert is an ideal way to organize your lenses, accessories and camera body. It will fit perfectly into your bag. They provide organization and padding, and easy access to use them whenever you need.

To ensure an ideal fit, make sure to take the measurements of your bag, before buying a camera insert.

edc backpack camera insert

5. A Flashlight

Sometimes finding things in your suitcase can be difficult, especially at night, or in some dark room. But, with the right flashlight, you can make it easier. Attach it to the inside of the pack to find whatever item you need.

Choose the small sized one with the rechargeable battery. The other great thing about this flashlight is that they are not expensive at all. You can use it whenever you need to find something in your bag, and as a great backup light that is always on hand.

If it is necessary always charge your batteries before you leave home and check is it work correctly. You don’t want to notice that when it’s too late.

6. Locking Mini Carabiner

It is constructed from high-quality stainless steel. They are an excellent solution for keeping your loose stuff in one place. Twist the plastic center to lock the gates. Carabiner will clip onto keys, flashlight or a knife and keep them secured.

You can clip it to the outside or the inside of your pack. They are also perfect for making quick fixes and holding gear together.

7. Admin Pouch

This pouch is great when you need extra space to keep mission-critical, small things. They are used in the tactical communities and law enforcement. You will have easy access to your stuff including a good organization.

The pouch has room for small stuff such as notebook, flashlight, pen, IR Markers and even a spare pistol magazine. Thanks to the versatile and secure MOLLE attachment you can carry it on the outside of you EDC bag.

8. Grid-It Organizer

This organizer is an excellent way for keeping a variety of stuff tidy and neat. It is designed to hold stuff firmly in place with the rubberized woven elastic object retention system. Storing the items in many different configurations will let you adapt to your changing everyday carry needs quickly.

Plus, you can simply transfer it from one pack to another, without reorganizing your stuff inside of it.

edc bag grid-it organizer

9. Cable Turtle Organizer

This item will let you wound up some cords or cables inside and release you from tangled messes inside your bag. It will allow easy access for shortening or lengthening the lace. It comes in different sizes and colors.

This way it will be easier for you to find the one in your bag, that you need quickly.

10. Field Pockets

The field pockets come in different sizes to suit the variety of uses and stuff, like keeping in order essentials, cables or chargers, or storing your camera accessories. It will provide a great organization and extra protection for your most valuable items.

11. Laptop EDC Kit

You can carry it over the shoulder or by hand and provide an excellent organization for your gear. It includes a front MOLE webbing that can be used to secure bulkier or quick access stuff externally. As for the interior pockets, it would be best to use it for storing the small items such as tools, cables, phone or a tablet.

Its main compartment will keep your laptop secure and safe while on the outside.


Organizing your gear mainly depends on your wants and needs. Of course, it is impossible to have a perfect EDC bag, but you are surely close to it. With our easy guide of how to organize your everyday carry pack, we will help you to narrow down the options and choose which of these 11 accessories will suit you best.

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