Our Maxpedition Sitka Gearslinger Backpack Review – Should You Buy It?

Our In-Depth Review of Maxpedition Sitka Gearslinger

UPDATED: Aug 23, 2018 @ 11:41 am


  • Durable materials
  • Extra hydration reservoir
  • Three compartments with plenty of room
  • Light weight
  • Grime and water resistance


  • The buckles tend to snap off
  • The stitches tend to come off
  • Carrying strap tears off

Here is something completely new in the world of backpacks. This backpack is a complete game changer, and every lover of high-quality bags will be thrilled about this. Maxpedition Sitka Gearslinger gives you something that other packs simply cannot give you. It can be rotated towards the front of your body while you are still wearing it. Yes, that is correct.

Maxpedition brings a whole new meaning to the word backpack. The material used is of the highest quality, and you can carry a lot of load with ease because of that. The features are simply fantastic, and there are plenty of useful compartments that can be put to some good use.

This bag is designed for outdoor expeditions. Lately, Sitka Gearslinger has become widely recognized and well known as one of the best backpack manufacturers. Maxpedition was designed to be spacious and give you a lot of options how you can put a lot of gear and still have enough space for other provisions and water.

No matter what you carry with you, a laptop or a sleeping bag or even a tent, you can choose from the top down access to numerous pouches and pockets, PALS webbing or make a good use of the hydration reservoir storage.

All those features make the internal organization so much easier. You can easily turn this tactical backpack into your everyday carry bag if you combine all its features with an extremely durable design. The options are almost endless.

Specifications and Features

This backpack is designed as a single shoulder bag that can be rotated to the front of the carrier’s body to maximize the utility. When it comes to weapon shouldering, it has a specially designed shoulder strap that goes over the left shoulder. That ensures that a carrier gets a stronger grip especially if he or she is carrying a heavier load.

One of the handy and innovative features is the ability to swing it to the front in case that you want to sit down. Once you swing it, you can easily access your content without taking it off your back. That is also good in the conditions when it is cold, and you can swing it from the back to the front to warm yourself up.

The main compartment is pretty big, and it comes with the internal organization, and the top front compartment is high, thick and wide. Extremely durable too. The bottom compartment comes with the internal organization as well, and it is compatible with a huge hydration reservoir

maxpedition sitka backpack

The Material

Maxpedition was made of 1000 denier coated nylon. This material has shown extreme durability and resilience during the tests and backpacks made of it can last for years without being worn out. It is safe to say that this bag is almost indestructible. This nylon is extremely abrasion and water resistant, and it is also known as the ballistic nylon fabric. It is a common material used by the military forces and their equipment.

This back also has special grime resistance. It has a unique protector of Teflon fabric which was supposed to protect it from any environmental influences and make the maintenance much easier. Zipper tracks and zippers are very strong, and they are as durable as the backpack is.

The water resistance is ensured because the bag is coated with triple polyurethane. In addition to all this, it has UTX duraflex nylon buckles which provide you with a low sound closure. The webbing is a real piece of mastery, and it was made to be of a high tensile strength. This allows you to carry a lot more than you could with any other backpack.

The ballistic nylon fabric was designed to be light weight, and high tensile strength nylon thread composite is way stronger than any other standard industrial nylon thread.

Shock Protection

The material inside of the backpack is made of a special foam padding material. It ensures a superior shock protection, and it will keep your gear safe at all times. The crucial stress points are double stitched, ensuring added strength, maximum durability, and protection of the content.

You could go through a hurricane with this backpack with ease. The cell foam material is also known as the AS 100 high grade closed cell foam, also used in the manufacturing of air bags in cars. And to ensure the ultimate protection, the internal seams are all finished and taped. On top of it all, the pulls are made of paracord zippers which are also extremely and highly durable.

Maxpedition Sitka Gearslinger on model

Multipurpose Backpack

Maxpedition Sitka Gearslinger was primarily designed for law enforcement professionals and military experts who spend a lot of time in the field. They had a great need for a durable and extremely resistant backpack that could keep their gear protected and dry no matter what weather conditions were outside.

With a few changes, it went a long way from being a tactical assault pack down to becoming a practical everyday carry bag. With all its features, it can be whatever you want it to be. Just put a little imagination to it, and you can transform it into a very useful piece of your camping equipment or just a multi practical backpack that you can carry wherever you go.

Both hydration and main compartment can accept CCW accessories also known as the concealed carry weapons accessories. With features such as Y compression strap and anti-theft zipper capture system, no one but you will be able to simply open and take something from your backpack. You will get an additional strap for the retention and end buckle distress whistle, just in case you encounter any dangers while you are on the move.

Cleaning Instructions

Maxpedtion was made of special nylon fabric that was additionally coated and treated with Teflon to get the highest grime and water resistance properties. In case that you need to clean your backpack,  a simple damp cloth will suffice. After you wipe it down, it is the best to leave your gear and allow it to dry off naturally. Never put it in the washing machine or use bleach or any detergent because it will damage the material.

Additional Features

Side and top handles were designed in such a way that you can get numerous alternative carrying possibilities. The modular PALS webbing all over the backpack gives you the option to attach other accessories with ease, and the additional water bottle side pocket provides you with enough room to fit a standard water bottle.

For some extra comfort, just rotate the one strap to the front of your body, and the padded back with additional ventilation features will provide you all the comfort you need. This padded back also ensures that your back remains dry at the moment of taking your backpack off.

maxpedition sitka gearslinger inside

Why You Pick This Bag

This backpack is simply perfect for any use. It can serve as a tactical military assault pack, capable of carrying the CCW accessories or it can just be used as an ordinary backpack or your everyday carry bag. The material is highly abrasion and water resistant and ultimately and extremely durable.

The compartments all have interior organization features, and there is an extra hydration reservoir. There is no better backpack than Maxpedtion Sitka Gearsling, and that is a fact.

Final Thoughts

You can carry whatever you need in this backpack, it has a single shoulder strap, and it can be rotated to the front of your body for maximum comfort and utility, and back is ventilated. The additional water bottle pocket and the hydration reservoir will make sure that you can carry plenty of water and the backpack is abrasion and water resistant. It is practically indestructible, and if you are into military, it is compatible with CCW accessories. The shoulder strap will ensure much better weapon shouldering guaranteed.

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