5 Key Features Your Tactical Backpack Should Offer

key features tactical backpack should offer

Tactical backpacks have a variety of uses that make them a great option for every situation. They have unique features, capacity, and strength. Unlike some cheap bags, these are perfect for camping, hiking a long distance, or for everyday use.

Law and military enforcement also use them for missions because of their unique features. But sometimes it is hard to decide what bag should you choose for your activities. Also, if you purchase the wrong one, you could get injured and have back pain problems. (source)


We wrote this article to help you narrow down the options. You will quickly learn how to avoid some mistakes when purchasing one. There are so many different models on the market, but you should choose the right one depending on your personal preference.

Here’s the deal:

We made a list of five key features in tactical backpack you need to consider before you buy one. Make sure to follow our guide so you can get the one that will suit you perfectly.

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Important Features:

What to look for when purchasing a tactical bag:

  • Right size and comfortable
  • Multitude compartments
  • Durable material
  • Capacity and space
  • Lightweight but strong
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1. Comfort and Proper Size

Whether you are using it for hiking a long distance, camping, or for some mission, you will be carrying your bag a lot. So, the most important thing your pack should offer is the comfort. You need to stay focus on the activity you are doing, without feeling any back pain.

In some situations, you could even get injured. That will happen if you overload your bag. So, try to avoid packing heavy stuff.

The other thing you should focus when buying the right tactical bag is the proper size. Most of the people choose the larger one, thinking that they will need it to store all their gear. Also, they pay a lot of money for these bags and then over-stuff them with unnecessary items.

The truth is that you don’t need to add extra weight to your essentials. Try to avoid this situation by choosing the right sized pack for your needs. Focus on getting the bag that will allow you to carry what is enough and keep you comfortable while on the trail.

Also, you will think that the sternum strap is not necessary, but it takes a lot of pressure from your back muscles and shoulders. It will provide you an extra support to the rest of your body. That will be essential when you are trekking long distance.

2. Multitude Compartments

With so many different compartments you will have easy access to your stuff. You can attach any pouch you are going to need and place your most valuable items in it.

You can purchase the bag that has more than five compartments. However, most of them will come with ten sections and multitude of pockets. With this feature, you’ll have a well-organized bag.

In some critical moments, you will need to act fast and quickly reach to the survival item. That is why having a multitude sections is essential when going on a mission or some outdoor adventure.

3. Durable Material

Although tactical backpacks are usually heavier than other bags, their material is super durable. They are made from nylon or polyester materials which make them water-resistant and tough. Most of them utilize a diagonal weave that enhances strength and protects the bag from abrasion.

Their all-weather material and highly structured layouts are constructed to fit comfortably on your back. The waterproof fabric will keep your stuff protected from the outdoor elements like rain, snow or if you submerge the bag into the river or lake.

But bear in mind that there is a difference between the water resistant and waterproof material.

“Water resistant products resist the entry of water into it to a certain extent. Water proof products are completely resistant to the entry of water.” according to Difference Between Similar Terms and Objects.

So, make sure to check the product material first, before you buy it.

4. Capacity and Space

Packing a tactical bag especially a military one is necessary for efficiency, so you have got to be intelligent about it. As we said already, most of these packs come with the multitude pockets and sections, that will help you to organize your things better.

But, before you purchase one you should always look how much weight it can hold and is it big enough for your stuff. If you want to buy a smaller one and then later increase its capacity for your needs, you could use an ALICE or MOLLE pack. This way you will extend your backpack with specific pockets and pouches for different purposes.

It is a great option when you want to attach an extension for your essentials like a medical kit, phone, tablet, holsters, water bottle or anything you could need.

5. Weight

The fabric of the bag that will be used for heavy duty or everyday carry, needs to be light but durable. It is important because you will be carrying your pack on your back for a long period. To avoid some injuries and back pain, the weight needs to be as light as possible and not to comprise other features like strength and waterproofing.

Also, you have got many options in design like the internal frame. It will help you to even out the weight distribution and add stability. However, it may be too much for some activities because it is also heavier. Use it if you are bringing things that tend to shift around.

Don’t forget to choose the bag with the good quality straps. If you use cheap and bad one, you will feel uncomfortable, and it will cut into your shoulders or chest.


Before purchasing the right pack for you, make sure to look for these five important features, so you can enjoy your trips to nature without having any problems.

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