Gonex Ultralight Handy Travel Backpack Review – A Cool Budget Buy for 2018?

Our In-Depth Review of Gonex Ultralight

UPDATED: Aug 22, 2018 @ 12:36 pm


  • Affordable price tag
  • Ultralight
  • Can fit into most bags


  • Easy to tear with sharp objects
  • Needs more zipper compartments
  • Does not have reinforced botom

When you are in the market for a new traveling backpack, you should always only look at the best options. When it comes to the best ultralight bags, there are tons of good brands, but not all of them are made to be resistant for the different outdoor activities that you might come across.

The simple checklist that should suffice any pack purchase is that the backpack should be resistant to water, wear and tear, and it should have enough compartments that can house various items that you might need during your hikes. When it comes to the perfect bag of our choice, the Gonex Ultralight Handy Travel backpack is what has our attention.

Speaking of special features the Gonex backpack has it all.

The notable features are:

Quality Material

When it comes to the quality material used in the making of this back the this ultralight handy backpack is made from high-quality nylon material which is highly resistant to water, wear and tear, and it has durable abrasion resistance. The zippers are made from high-quality metal, and the bag is reinforced in 25 different places for additional strength.

The pack of your dreams that can be brought on any trips that include mounting climbing and kayaking should not be of lower quality than the Gonex backpack. If you need a companion that can follow you into any situation, this is it. The 25 different reinforced places alone make this backpack unique and with a step above the competition when it comes to resistance and outlasting quality.

man in the desert wearing gomex ultralight backpack

Additional Storage Space

The second most important feature on a pack is the extra space it can provide for storage of your items, and the compartmentalization of those items. Gonex also does not disappoint in this area. If you need additional space, there is a ton of special little compartments that can be used to store different items of different sizes.

For instance, on the front of the backpack, there is a small zipper that once opened reveals a new compartment where you can store items such as pens, toothbrushes and other items that can fit into a medium size box. The top area has a big zipper that once opened reveals the bigger compartment where all larger items can be stored. Such as books, shirts, camera equipment and even a small sized laptop or a tablet. On the sides of the model, there are two additional netted slots that can holster water bottles or similar sized items.

This area is also very good for items that need to be reached easily and which is water resistant due to the possibility of getting wet on the outside of the backpack. The bigger part is also padded so light hits from the back side will be absorbed and will not damage your internal items.

gonex backpack unzipped

Lightweight and Easy To Use

One big bonus to this bag is that once you decide to go on a trip you can fold it into a small item that can easily fit into a pocket of a jacket, and once it is needed for the daily travel it can be unpacked into a full-fledged backpack. This alone provides more utility than over 80 % of the models on the market. The entire thing is made from ultra-light nylon materials that are not just super light and can be placed in any suitcase while taking the least amount of space, but also the least amount of weight.

However, the definitive bonus on the Gonex backpack is the fact that it is made from the material that is super resistant to stress and can even repel water, so your items will stay safe and dry during the heaviest of rains. The bag is made with lots of consideration to the users as it has been tested in various scenarios that require a model to be above the rest of the competition.

Different Colors

The design of the backpack, it merely fulfills all the required areas of the standard and extreme travelers. Not only is it resistant and easy for transportation, but it also comes in more colors than one. To be exact, there are eight different colors that can be chosen for the backpack, making it perfect for all ages and genders across the board.

gonex in different colors

Two Different Sizes

The model also comes in two different sizes that can fit into most of the needs of a regular traveler.

  • The first size is 15 liters and will be able to hold most of the items that you need on the go for fast-paced hikes and travels.
  • The second size is 40 liters big, and this size can hold much more. The size of this backpack is perfect for long term travels and even comes out ahead at the airport check in, because it is lightweight and will not take up your precious weight allowance of your check in bag.

Why You Should Pick This Backpack

Even though we listed all the features of this model one of the reasons why it could be the perfect one for you was not explained in the upper part of this review. The big reason why this bag can be a perfect pick for your next gift to yourself or your friend is that it provides the bang for its buck. The price of the backpack is accessible to anyone that is in the market for a new model, and it also offers true value for its price.

Final Thoughts

Whenever somebody is in the market for a new backpack, whether it be for a super active sports event that requires the bag to be resistant to wear and tear, or a casual travel helper when it comes to storing items that will be needed on the go, this one will deliver.

The backpack is made from super strong nylon material which will be resistant for a long enough time, that when you require a new bag, you will probably be a decade or two older than once you bought it.

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