“Must Have” Items For Your Everyday Carry Bag

must have tems for edc bag

At the most unpleasant times, nature shows us some of the worst surprises like solar flares, hurricanes, earthquakes. These life-threating situations can happen anytime, without asking is it convenient to our schedule. So, the crucial thing is to be ready 24/7 when it comes to survival.


The first thing you need to make sure is that you have the right EDC bag, stocked with essentials that will help you get through the disaster. It will be your first line of defense, so it’s important to have a plan and make a gear list. We all know that phrase: “Better safe than sorry”, and we can all agree with it.

Here ‘s the kicker:

Keep an open mind, and be prepared for every situation. To survive the hostile environment that disasters create you need to bring right everyday carry bag items. Start with essential equipment to take care of your vital needs.

Want to know what gear we use? Keep reading to learn more.

1. Survival Items

You need to have basic tools like protection from the elements, food, and water. Meaning that you need to carry minimum equipment such as:

  • Waterproofed fire-starting tools (two at least)
  • Two water filters and purification pills
  • One Rescue blanket
  • Sturdy plastic bag, Water bottle, or a canteen
  • Wire saw, knife and a multi-tool
  • Rescue whistle
  • One mirror
  • Two flashlights (small and big) and extra batteries
  • Pen and paper
  • One duct tape
  • Paracord
  • Couple of plastic bags
  • Survival fishing kit

2. Clothes

You want to keep your weight down when packing. So, don’t wear too many and too heavy clothes. Bear in mind, that the things you wear will depend on the weather in your area.

Wear long pants, preferably not jeans. The great option will be waterproof pants if you own one. If the outside is cold, don’t forget to use a warm, waterproof jacket. Wear a hiking boots or shoes depending on the climate.

Don’t forget to bring a pair of gloves, hat, and a rain poncho. It will keep you dry and warm. You can use the poncho as a tent too.

3. Water

“At least 60% of the human body is made up of water, and every cell needs it to function. The fluid serves many purposes, including lubrication of the joints, regulating body temperature and flushing out waste. In certain conditions, people can go without water for up to a week, but adverse environmental situations such as extreme heat would make this figure much smaller. An average number of days most people can go without water for is three or four days.” according to Metro News.

You can’t carry a big amount of water in your EDC bag. But, it is crucial to bring at least one container of water with you. And you can always refill it when you use the liquid it has. Try to find a water source, and you should be ok when you have purified pills and filter with you.

disposable water bottles

4. High Energy and High-Calorie Food Bars

It is hard to bring enough food and pack it in your bag. But having a high energy bar will give you an extra boost when you need it the most, in some critical situations. It is a good idea also to pack chocolate and maybe some dried fruits and vegetables.

It will not take you much space in the bag, and they are super light. Also, the best thing about dried food is that it can last for an extended period and it is very nutritive. So, use it as your energy source in some dangerous moments.

5. First Aid Kit

The medical equipment is necessary for your safety and health. It’s important to pack minimal supplies like medical tape, antiseptic cream, bandages, antihistamines, pain relievers, and your medications. You never know what can happen in some dangerous situations, so you need to be extra prepared.

bike first aid

6. Communications

If the catastrophe happens, your family will surely be worried about you. So, it is important to contact them, and tell them that you are alright, what your plans are and to let them know where you are. It would be perfect for you to have a disposable mobile phone.

Make sure that your battery is fully charged and that you put your emergency numbers in it. Of course, you should also bring your regular cell phone. But, in case that you lose him or your battery is out you will have a spare one to call your family and friends.

It is also important to bring a whistle and a mirror so that you can call for rescue in case of an emergency.

7. Personal Identification

In the event of the disaster, it would be useful if you have your ID with you. This way, the police will know where you live and who you are. You can also use your work ID if you lost your personal.

The most important thing when everything is in chaos is to identify yourself and find a way home.

8. Money

In the dangerous situations, it is recommended to have a ready source of money. In these critical situations, the banks might not work. So, it would be wise to save some money and be prepared for everything.

Some experts claim that it would be wise to set aside 500 dollars to have it if the catastrophe happens. Use small dollar bills and coins. This way you can buy some food, or pay a transportation.

9. Weapons

In some life-threating situations, you will need to protect yourself. If you have concealed carry permit for a gun, then bring this weapon with you.


In some dangerous situation, it is important to have already packed EDC bag with the right content. Follow this guide to learn what are the most important items you need to have with you if a disaster occurs. Bear in mind, that packing your bag will also depend on your personal preference.

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