In-Depth Review Of Condor 3 Day Assault Pack for 2018

Our In-Depth Review of Condor 3 Day Assault Pack

UPDATED: Aug 22, 2018 @ 1:35 pm


  • Impeccable design
  • Huge storage space
  • Made out of 1000D nylon
  • Waterproof
  • Affordable


  • Zipper tabs are not so durable
  • Zipper flaps can get in the way when closing the bag.

If you are the type of person that likes to go on long hikes or camp, you know the importance of a reliable and durable bag. It is the center part of your gear, and that’s why you have to choose it carefully. The problem arises when you want to pick the bag that’s ideal for your needs.

The market offers hundreds of different brands and models of assault backpacks, but many of them are not designed to be functional, they only look the part.

Many bags are too bulky and are made out of low-quality materials that can’t stand the outdoor weather and the standard wear and tear. If you are afraid of this happening to you, and if you want to make sure that you buy the best bag for your needs, the Condor 3 Assault Backpack is perhaps the best choice there is.

Read on and see what makes this bag so perfect.

The Features

When it comes to features, this backpack has a lot to offer. It is considered to be the best such backpack in the assault backpack category. There are a number of reasons why that’s so.

First of all, Condor is a well-recognized and respected brand in camping gear. They are known for producing highly dependable and reliable equipment such as camping tents, backpacks, survival clothing and so on. Here are all the amazing features of the 3 Day assault pack bag.

The Storage

The design of the bag is the most important thing when it comes to outdoor camping gear. It has to be able to accommodate all the gear you want to use in the woods, but it still has to be comfortable enough for you to wear it. That’s great because the Condor 3 day pack is all about comfort. It also offers tons of compartments, so you can sort your belongings quickly.

condor storage space

The primary compartment is perhaps one of the best we’ve seen so far. The double zipper on the top allows you to open it up in seconds. The opening is quite large, so you can easily take your things out of the bag. The main compartment is about 40L, which is plenty of space to hold everything and anything you want to bring with you.

The compartment located on the front side has six individual MOLLE webbing strips and velcro straps that can be used to attach patches and identification, just like in the army.

Below that compartment, an extra 3L compartment with a double zipper is there to hold everything you might need in a hurry. Things like keys, your phone, wallet, you can throw them in here for quick access at all times.

The two side pockets, one on each side are ideal for holding water bottles. This is a bag that can hold literally anything you need without any issues.

The Support System

Besides having a ton of space and looking awesome, your ideal camping bag has to be comfortable as well, especially if you plan on bringing heavy equipment with you. Condor is a well-trusted name in the business, and the company has plenty of experience, which is why this bag has a fantastic support system.

The shoulder straps are nice and wide, and they are padded with a thick layer of padding. They are so wide because the idea is to distribute the weight of the bag on a larger area. That prevents the straps from cutting into your shoulders, no matter how heavy the bag is. The straps also feature MOLLE webbing so that you can decorate them with clips, patches, or you can even hang a flashlight on them if you need to.

If that’s still not comfortable enough for you, the sternum strap will further distribute the weight from your shoulders and keep the shoulder pads in place. The unique feature of this belt lies in its adjustability. You can easily adjust it both from side to side and from the top to the bottom. That’s a nifty little detail that efficiently deals with height differences. Just shift the sternum strap to the height that feels natural to you.

The entire back of the backpack is padded, and that helps to distribute the weight evenly across your entire back. The padding is placed strategically to allow the air to flow and cool your back. This way, your back won’t get all sweaty, even after a long hike through the woods.

The Durability

One of the biggest selling points of the Condor 3 Day Assault Pack has to be its durability. This backpack is made out of 1000D nylon that is resistant to almost anything you throw at it, including water, and the usual wear and tear. The material is light, so you get a bag that’s strong and sturdy, without the extra weight.

condor backpack inside

The moment you touch the bag, you realize that it’s made to last for a really long time. The bag has double stitching on all sides, so you won’t have to worry about it falling apart.

You can’t have a durable bag without some heavy duty high-quality zippers to hold it together, and this one has them. They are strong and will stop any water from pouring into your bag. Getting this bag to fall apart would take some serious determination.

The Versatility

Versatility is exactly what this pack is built for. You can get it in five different colors, and the bag can be used for any purpose in any type of condition. You can personalize the pack as you want because of the MOLLE strapping and you can even attach extra gear such as a flashlight, phone, gun holder, and so on.

Why You Should Pick This Bag?

If you are the type of person that spends lots of time in the wild, this bag is ideal for you. It is capable of handling everything that nature throws at it. You can even swim with the pack on your back, and it won’t take in any water. Furthermore, the pack has a lot of storage space, it is comfortable, and most importantly, it is extremely durable. This is a pack that will serve you for years if not decades to come.

Final Thoughts

When you want to buy the best outdoor camping backpack, there is, look for Condor 3 Day Assault Pack. It offers tons of storage space, it’s durable, comfortable, a backpacker’s dream. The best part is that you won’t have to think about getting another bag for the next couple of years.

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