Our 7 Top Rated Tactical Backpack Brands List for 2018

Highest Rated Tactical Backpack Reviews and Buyer's Guide

If you like to hike and camp out in the woods, you know how important it is to have reliable equipment.

Backpacks are essential when it comes to outdoor activities, but the environment and the weather are often unforgiving. That can take a huge toll on your backpack as it gets bombarded by rain, snow, sunshine, and so on.

The word tactical means that these backpacks are made to be used by soldiers on the battlefields. Every model we selected is made out of extremely durable materials designed to cope with anything that the wild has to throw at it.

These backpacks are large and they offer a lot of big and small pockets that can hold all your equipment. You can easily organize yourself and you won’t have to worry about the pack holding everything. You can find the best tactical backpacks reviews below.

Product ImageOverviewPriceRating
Weight: 2 lb.
Fabric: Nylon
Capacity: 24L
Weight: 2.2 lb.
Fabric: Nylon
Capacity: 27L
Weight: 2.7 lb.
Fabric: Polyester
Capacity: 45L
Weight: 3.2 lb.
Fabric: Canvas
Capacity: 40L
Weight: 1.3 lb.
Fabric: Polyester
Capacity: 2.5L
Weight: 1.2 lb.
Fabric: Nylon
Capacity: 9L
Weight: 1.6 lb.
Fabric: Polyester
Capacity: 9L

Top 7 Tactical Bags on the Market

5.11 Tactical Rush 12 – Quality Rugged Backpack

5.11 Tactical Rush 12 Product Image

Weight: 2 lb.

Fabric: Nylon (1050D)

Capacity: 24L

Price: $$$


Among a wide selection of various high-quality backpacks, one really stands out and simply begs to become a part of someone’s camping or hiking gear collection. 5.11 Tactical Rush 12 Back Pack is a 100% waterproof backpack that can come at handy in many situations. It is a multi-purpose bag that comes in four different colors and has a lot of very useful features that will make your outdoor adventure the best experience possible. In addition to all this, this bag can be used for many different purposes. It can be a hunting backpack or a tactical pack or just a normal backpack that you can take with you when you have to go away for a while.

With the impressive total of 16 compartments, you will have a lot of options when it comes to the storage room. This will be helpful when you need to pack a lot of things and necessities like consumptions. When you have a lot of possibilities how you can organize your items, it will be a lot easier to carry them all. Of course, each compartment has its own purpose and a specific use. A really nice touch that will complete the picture is the self-repairing zippers. Coming from the well-known and established YKK brand, these zippers are the best and they are extremely durable.

Speaking of durability, this backpack will simply amaze any of the persons who tend to use it. With a compatible 5.11 SlickStick system, it is a one of a kind bag that will keep all your clothes and gear dry and safe from any environmental influences at all times. Professional travelers, hikers, campers and other lovers of outdoor adventures that like to keep their stuff organized will love the unique internal panel that will make the organization so much easier. They will be able to customize the storage room in order to optimize the utilization of their bag.

Still, there are a couple of downsides to this incredibly resistant and resilient backpack. The stitches tend to fall apart, and it is not 100% waterproof. The seams tend to come apart and it can start bulging after a while. The bottom corners can fold if it is not used correctly which can lead to the creation of hotspots. This can become an inconvenience as it can be very uncomfortable.

Want to learn more? Check out our full review here.


  • Waterproof
  • 16 Compartments
  • Multipurpose Bag


  • Stitches fall apart
  • Hotspots
  • It bulges with time

Seibertron Falcon – Great Waterproof Backpack

Seibertron Falcon Product Image

Weight: 2.2 lb.

Fabric: Nylon (900D)

Capacity: 27L

Price: $$


A lot of people that are loving adventures, hiking and just going on trips into nature have been asking us which backpack is the best for all possible situations. Unfortunately, until now we didn’t have the proper answer to that question, but now everything changes with the discovery of Seibertron Falcon backpack.

This backpack is truly a game-changer that everyone has been looking for because it has all the things that a quality hiking and camping backpack must have. This bag is coming in two different color variations, the manufacturer didn’t want to complicate things with colors so you can choose from only black or brownish color. However, both of these colors are very nice and they will serve you good in some survival situation when you need to blend with nature because they are not bright colors that are easily visible.

The great thing about this backpack that plays a major role in camping bags is the waterproof fabric. Usually, the problem with similar bags is that they are not made out of quality waterproof material. However, that is not an issue with his bag because it is made out of 900D waterproof fabric which makes it a Great Waterproof Backpack.

It has a huge expandable main compartment that is large enough for you to put everything essential for hiking and camping. With this bag, you will not have the problem of not being able to fit your essentials into it. in case you don’t think that the bag alone is enough for you, then you can add two more side compartments. These are two detachable packs that are made to sit on the sides of the backpack.

If you look at the interior of this bag, you will see the quality because it has a lot of smaller compartments that are separated with a zipper from the main compartment. These small pouches are the perfect option when you need to store away something small and important because this way you will never lose it and it will be easy to find.

You can purchase this backpack in two sizes one that is 37 L and one smaller 27 L. Depending on your needs, you can choose the right size for you. As mentioned, unfortunately, they don’t have a lot of color variations, but that doesn’t take from the overall quality of the backpack.


  • 900D Waterproof Material
  • 2 Detachable Packs
  • 37 or 27 L compartments


  • Only 2 Colors
  • Molle Loops Too Small

Mardingtop Tactical Backpack – Tactical Laptop Pack

Mardingtop Product Image

Weight: 2.7 lb.

Fabric: Polyester (600D)

Capacity: 45L

Price: $$


If you like living life to the fullest and you often go on adventures in nature, then you must have a great high-quality backpack that will never let you down in any situation that you are in. Finding that type of a dream bag was almost impossible, but luckily for you, we have found the best of the best backpacks in the world. It is called Mardingtop tactical backpack and it will not disappoint you that is for sure.

The biggest issue that backpacks have is that they are simply made out of bad fabric and that can be seen from a mile away because it will not function for a long time. With this bag, you don’t have to worry about having a poor material that will break easily under stress because it is made out of highly resistible 600D polyester. This type of fabric is known to be very durable even in the harshest conditions. The great thing about it is that it is water-resistant, which means that your clothing and equipment inside the bag are safe from rain and water.

A lot of people that are hunters are also looking for a quality bag, and this bag is perfect for them because it comes in very nice colors that are perfectly blending with the environment. More importantly, it has a place for all of your Velcro patches that you want to show off. It has a molle webbing that allows you to attach and hang smaller items and equipment. You can also attach some additional pouches that will expand the storage capacity of this bag

This bag has everything.  The manufacturer has thought of every small little detail and added everything that you need in a backpack. One of these important things is the built in an elastic compartment that has an adjustable buckle to hold your hydration bottle. With a system like this, the bag allows you to drink water while you are on the move.

Overall the bag is great with 45 liters of compartment available to use, a great Tactical Laptop Pack. The only thing that we can question the quality is the plastic attachable straps. However, if you are not putting the bag inside a fire you should be ok. This backpack is made to last and you can see that from the entire design that is made to withstand rough situations.


  • Large 45 liters Compartment
  • Water-Resistant Material 600D
  • Molle Webbing


  • Lack of Smaller Compartments
  • Thin Fabric

Military Tactical Backpack – Multipurpose & Multiday Pack

Military Tactical Product Image

Weight: 3.2 lb.

Fabric: Canvas

Capacity: 40L

Price: $$


If camping is your favorite outdoor activity and you just love spending time in the wilderness, you know how important it is to have a good piece of equipment with you at all times. A good backpack can mainly influence the comfort of your wild adventure. For the best experience, it is always best to have the highest quality backpack. This tactical army assault pack is just perfect for the occasion. It is a highly durable bag that has a really impressive capacity. It can easily take 40 liters and is water resistant.

Aside from such an impressive storage room volume, it was made out of high-density material. It was specially designed to have the molle system. This means that it allows its carrier to attach additional pouches to the molle webbing that is spread all over the backpack construction. Since it was originally designed for the Army, there are many ways how an individual can attach a lot of additional gear and transform it from an ordinary backpack into a full 3-day tactical combat pack. Military assault pack is double stitched in order to be extremely durable. It was designed for carrying of the extra heavy load.

Its additional features like straps and handles pull and mesh pads will provide maximum balance while on the move. The extremely tough zippers will last as long as it takes, there is a compression system for front and side loading and the mesh pad will provide the additional ventilation. When carrying a heavy load, it is very important to be able to comfortably move and breathe. The ability to transfer the load from your shoulders to your chest and hips is important as well. This backpack has a bladder that will make the hydration really simple at all times.

On top of all things, this is a multi-purpose bag. It can be used as a bag for daily use, trekking or army backpack, survival and hunting backpack, range bag or a real military tactical assault pack. No matter the purpose, it will come at handy in all situations.

Many were disappointed though. The material tends to fall apart very quickly when it is loaded. The rips and cracks can appear after only a month of using. Also, the straps tend to fall apart as well as they were not properly sewn.


  • 40L capacity
  • Multi-purpose bag
  • Extremely durable with the molle system


  • Backpack material falls apart after a while
  • Straps are not sewn together correctly
  • Backpack tends to rip with using

Tactical Hydration Pack Backpacks – Road Trip Friendly

Tactical Hydration Pack Product Image

Weight: 1.3 lb.

Fabric: Polyester (600D)

Capacity: 2.5L

Price: $$


Whether you are into climbing, walking, running, biking or hiking, hydration is always important especially if you have to make a lot of effort while carrying a heavy load on your back. In these cases, a good tactical hydration pack backpack can make things a lot easier for you. If you do not have to stop every minute to take a sip of water, you will be able to move a lot faster and much more efficiently. In these kinds of situations, the features of your backpack can determine the comfort of your outdoor adventure.

A good and durable hydration pack with 2,5 liters volume could be just the thing you are looking for. With the adjustable straps for chest and shoulders, your movement will become a walk in the park. When you are carrying a heavy load on your back, it is important for it not to bounce because that takes away from your movement and energy. The construction of this backpack was designed for the extreme conditions. Heavy duty polyester is a light weight material that is extremely durable. This is perfect for extreme sports and activities as it will be able to take heavy loads with ease.

This backpack is completely abrasion resistant and resilient to any environmental influences. There is a convenient hydration hose port which will keep your hands free at all times. This is especially useful for climbers and bikers. The house has a little valve that closes by itself after you are finished with drinking and hydrating.

The 2,5L bladder is replaceable too. In conditions when it is warm, this bladder will keep your water fairly cool and fresh and it is enough ratio for one day of biking or running or any other outdoor activity. This backpack is light weight, weighs around 22 ounces. There are front pockets that are perfect for storing the things that you need all the time like keys or a phone or a wallet.

Even though this backpack proved itself to be a high-quality piece of equipment there are some faults. The bladder tends to be defective as it might happen that it leaks. The connection between the bladder and the hose can leak if it’s not properly put together. The water flow can appear to be clogged so the water can’t flow through the hose and the mouthpiece falls off.


  • Adjustable straps
  • 2,5L Bladder
  • Lightweight durable material


  • Defective bladder
  • Water can’t flow through the hose
  • The mouth filter falls off

Boxuan Outdoor Shoulder Bag – Small Tactical Backpack

Boxuan Outdoor Product Image

Weight: NIP

Fabric: Nylon (650D)

Capacity: NIP

Price: $


Finding the perfect outdoor tactical backpack can be difficult if you don’t know what you are looking for. In that case, we have the right thing for you, the Boxuan backpack is considered to be high-quality backpacks that are very comfortable. One of the best bags that they have is the Boxuan Outdoor Shoulder bag which you can find in various looks. The most popular version is the military one because it gives it that manly look that everyone is looking for in a tactical backpack.

This small tactical backpack is a great choice if you are looking to purchase a tactical shoulder bag. The thing that is making this bag so unique and desirable is the fabric that is used to produce it. When it comes to tactical bags, people search for bags that are very durable and can survive various conditions and this bag will definitely not disappoint you. This backpack is made out of 650 Denier nylon which is considered to be an extremely durable material.

There has been a lot of time and effort put in the creation of this bag and you can see that from the overall quality. It comes with a detachable sponge shoulder pad that will make your life much more comfortable if you are carrying heavy things inside the bag. In the hot summer days when you think it is unnecessary to have that sponge shoulder pad, you can easily detach it from the bag and store it away until you need it.

This bag is designed to be carried in three styles like a shoulder bag, chest or back sling or you can carry it around in your hands. This is truly a great backpack that comes with greater quality and design.  The best thing about it is the compact size which makes it perfect for smaller trips around in nature. Of course, there are various sizes of this backpack, but they are not that different, you can choose from a medium and a small bag.

Overall if you take a look at the whole bag, you can see that it is a high-quality piece that will not let you down in any situation. It is a smaller backpack, so if you are searching for a huge one to carry a lot of your stuff, this might not be a perfect choice, and otherwise, it is a great bag.


  • Detachable Strap
  • Durable Material
  • Sponge Shoulder Pad


  • Not Waterproof
  • Small Compartments

Red Rock Outdoor Gear Rover Sling Pack – Perfect for EDC

Red Rock Outdoor Gear Rover Sling Pack Product Image

Weight: 1.6 lb.

Fabric: Polyester (600D)

Capacity: 9L

Price: $


A great backpack is something that every great adventurist is searching for his entire life because there are so many low-quality bags that don’t offer the perfect thing that you are looking for. We think that we have found most likely the best backpack for outdoor use that you can possibly find. It is called red rock outdoor gear rover sling pack and you can purchase it in a lot of different colors. Usually, the manufacturer has focused mainly on the camo and darker color variations because they perfectly blend into the environment and they are really cool.

The design of this bag is one of the major things that make it so desirable and unique. Red Rock Outdoor has some very high-quality bags and other gear that they are known for, and this bag was just another great addition to their collection. However, it turned out to be something more than just another backpack because it is the most popular bag that they have to offer right now.

This bag is perfect for EDC and it is equipped with an ambidextrous sling that is allowing the user to quickly access the bag without the use of hands. It has a concealed back panel that is made for carrying a pistol very easily. The main compartment of this backpack is large enough to fit all the necessary gear and equipment that you need in a survival situation. The bag has a total of three large compartments that are all ready to be filled with all of your survival essentials. There are some internals as well as external pockets that serve as a great organizer for smaller things that you don’t want to search inside the entire bag.

The Total storage of the bag is measured around 9 liters which are more than enough for one person to store all the essential things. a quick release buckle that is located on the main strap is allowing the user extremely quick deployment at any time with minimal effort. It is made out of 600D polyester fabric that is very durable. The size of the backpack is: 8″W x 12″H x 6″ D

This backpack is overall a perfect choice for regular people, if you are looking for the most durable bag, this might not be it. However, we think that it will satisfy each and every person that is going to purchase this bag.


  • Multi Compartments
  • Adjustable ambidextrous strap
  • 600D Polyester


  • Too Big Conceal Carry Holster
  • Not Waterproof

Tactical Backpack Buyer’s Guide

Before you go out to buy yourself a backpack you might want to stop and consider just what kind of backpack you might need. If you might be in the market for a sturdy backpack that can withstand all kinds of strain on it than you might be looking for a military backpack.

What Is A Military Backpack?

When it comes to military backpacks there are two different methods for rating them, and they are:

  • The first one is that they are built for the military personnel, with military grade requirements. This means that the backpack is highly resistant to water, wear and tear, heat, is made from various durable materials and will last you typically a lot longer than your regular backpack that is made with a fashion design in mind instead of its usefulness.
  • A backpack that is used by any staff of the military branch, like the army soldier, navy marine or others.
hunter in the water wearing tactical backpack

There are two distinct differences between these two styles. For example, in the first style, the backpack would be made from the finest materials that are built to outlast most of the other items you can find on the market with a similar name. While typically they don’t need to belong to the military personnel that are on active duty at this moment, they are built for them and the situations that they can find themselves in. So, in short, this is the best way to spend your money if you are looking to buy a strong and durable backpack.

The second style is what the American military buys in bulk for its soldiers and its departments. This does not mean necessarily that they are getting themselves the best of the best, but in fact, what it means is that they are usually buying stuff in bulk that is the cheapest. The military in the United States of America is kind of a private business, and they are also trying to save money where they can, so if they need half a million sleeping bags or backpacks they will look for the best price tag, and slap a military logo on it.

This style does not guarantee that you will get the best equipment for your money, but it will still be considered military equipment.

What You Need To Consider Before Buying A Military Backpack

When it boils down you probably want to go shopping for the best military backpack your money can buy as you are looking for quality over quantity. When it comes to quality military backpacks there are several things that should be considered before you decide to buy one.

1. Overal Appearance

Even though the backpacks are military grade, they still need to have a certain fashion statement depending on what you are looking to use the backpack for. For example, if you are going mountain climbing, then just the military grade strength and space of the backpack will be enough, you don’t need to buy a camouflage backpack and you certainly don’t need to spend more money on its appearance. However, if you are buying a military backpack for your hunting trips that usually take several days and leave you in different scenarios than you might want to consider spending the money for a camouflaged backpack.

There will be a big difference if you are going hunting in a snowy area, and you bring a white backpack, as opposed to bringing a green backpack. Also, if you are going into a forest to hunt, a blue backpack will break your camouflage and you might want to get the one that has forest-styled patterns on it and colors.

2. Capacity

Capacity is very important for a good military backpack. If you are going for mobility you might consider getting smaller one, but if you are going for capacity the monster one that people usually get when they are going to travel around the globe as a tourist. Never neglect the size and maybe get both if you are going for a long camping trip where you need to have a smaller backpack for later use during that trip.

3. Weight

When you’re getting yourself a military backpack, the materials on it need to be resistant to many weather conditions but the backpack also has to fit the activity. If you are going mountain climbing even though you need a military backpack you won’t get the heaviest one, as that might put you in danger. On the other side, if you are going for a longer camping trip a backpack that has many additional compartments, pockets and webbed areas where you can store or hand certain items will be heavier so keep in mind that these backpacks even though they are made from the same materials don’t need to be the same weight.

4. Special Features

Military backpacks are well known for their unique design and special additions on them that make them irreplaceable in certain situations. Backpacks that can hold so many things that you can live a month with the gear you brought with you are built much more different than your usual backpack that you take to the gym. If you are looking for some backpacks that have these special features, you might keep a closer eye on the additional pockets and their placement, the strap-on that secures your backpack to your body, the additional places where metal clips can be attached so things can hand on the backpack and of course if a certain backpack can provide some additional functionality, for instance, a small tent might be built into it.

Final Words

Whenever you are in the market for a military backpack you need to do your research as every backpack is built differently. However, once you decide to get one of these bad boys, you are definitely spending your money wisely, as these backpacks will last you a couple of decades before they decide it’s time to retire.

Benefits of Carrying Tactical Pack

Before you go out and buy a tactical backpack it is advisable to do your research for several reasons. First of all, you need to know what kind of tactical backpack you will need. If you are want to go hunting than a backpack that has a camouflage pattern on it that will correspond with the area you will be hunting in, on the other hand, if you are going mountain climbing than you might need a different style tactical backpack.

There are tons of different styles of backpacks that you need to read up on before you decide to get yourself a backpack so you can get the backpack that is perfect for you. However, once you do decide which one you will get, you will notice that it was money well spent, as tactical backpacks offer a lot more versatility, utility, and functionality when it comes to performance and outlasting quality over the regular backpacks.

If you are wondering why, well it’s for a simple reason, these backpacks are built to last and to offer the best possible performance results in different scenarios, while other backpacks are usually made with a fashion statement and offer well-designed styles that don’t perform even close to the tactical backpacks.

So, what are all the benefits of a tactical backpack you might ask, well we are here to tell you exactly why you should spend your money getting a tactical backpack over anything else?

1. Durability

When it comes to a backpack’s life expectancy, usually the tactical backpacks last for several decades, while normal backpacks already have some issues with zippers or some other part of within the first year or two. Tactical backpacks are made from some of the most resistant materials on the planet when it comes to backpack materials, and they are built to last.

So, while your regular backpack might use one material for its outside, the military grade tactical backpacks will use several and even be coated in different chemicals that repel heat, water and other things that might damage it. These backpacks are designed to last and to serve their functionality at many different scenarios. For instance, many backpacks are water resistant, and heat resistant, they are also very tough when it comes to strain so they won’t tear so easily as other regular backpacks.

Most of these tactical backpacks are made from military grade Polyesters, Cordura Nylon, Canvas and are double stitched or even triple stitched so they are up to 10 times more durable when it comes to strain.

durable backpack

2. Capacity

Tactical grade backpacks have a lot more capacity than your regular backpack. Since most of these backpacks are made in mind to serve more than one purpose, almost all of them need to be equipped with various items and additional space that will increase your capacity 2-3 times as opposed to a normal backpack. For instance, a normal backpack might have three zippers and one laptop compartment, these are usually how most of the backpacks on the market are made. From time to time you might find one with a water bottle area on the side and that’s about it.

However, the tactical backpacks will have pockets on the straps, on the bottom of the backpack, on the sides, pockets inside of pockets for additional protection and so forth. The standard tactical backpack usually has about 3-4 areas with zippers but can go up to 6 depending on the design of the backpack.

So, if you are in the market for a backpack that can store enough items to let you survive in the wilderness for about a week or even more, depending on your equipment than your best money investment will be into tactical backpacks.

soldiers packing tactical backpack

3. Comfort

When it comes to comfort there are few backpacks in this world that can be comfortable enough to even be compared to the tactical backpacks. The tactical backpacks are not just made from the best materials but are also made with long and strenuous tasks in mind.

So, if you are going to school your backpack might have one compartment that is padded for your back to have a less hard time with the weight of your items in the backpack, but if you use a tactical backpack, you can be sure that every piece that touches your body will be padded, and even double padded so that from whichever side you place it on your back or take in your hands the strain on your body after using it for several hours will be lessened tenfold. These backpacks are also built to evenly distribute the weight of the load in the backpack so that you don’t get a deformed back after using it for several years. Last but not least when it comes to comfort, most tactical backpacks have one or more ways that they can be carried.

For instance, there are straps that can allow your backpack to be carried on the back, then on the side of the hip and even on your shoulder, and all of these styles will be much more comfortable than your regular backpacks.

tactical backpack comfortability


If you are in the market for a new backpack and are unsure which one should you get, always consider getting yourself a tactical backpack as one investment will pay for itself in a couple of years. Namely this tactical backpack will outlast several regular backpacks which will cost you more in the long run. The models we reviewed are all considered to fit into the best tactical backpack category with no problems.

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