Highest Rated Bug Out Bags Reviews

man carrying a bug out bag

If you like to go on long hikes or bike rides in distant areas with no people around for miles, you should always be prepared for the worst.

Bug out bags are specialized types of bags designed to hold all the necessary food, water, and equipment you would need if you find yourself in a dangerous survival situation. The bags will help you survive for at least three days, no matter what your situation is. You will find everything inside, from matches to start a fire, to an aluminum blanket, water, food, lights, literally anything you could need.

Having a bug out bag at your side is smart because you never know what could go wrong in the wild. If something happens, you can just sit and wait for rescue. Here are the best bug out bags on the market.

Product ImageProduct NameOverviewPriceRating
Military Tactical Assault PackMilitary Tactical Assault PackWeight: 3 lb.
Fabric: Nylon
Capacity: 34L
Explorer Tactical Gun Concealment PackExplorer Tactical Gun ConcealmentWeight: 4.2 lb.
Fabric: Nylon
Capacity: 56L
Orca Tactical SALISH 40L MOLLEOrca Tactical SALISH 40L MOLLEWeight: 3.3 lb.
Fabric: Polyester
Capacity: 40L
Sandpiper of California Long Range Bugout BackpackSandpiper of California Long Range BugoutWeight: 7 lb.
Fabric: Nylon
Capacity: 91L
Condor 3 Day Assault PackCondor 3 Day Assault PackWeight: 6 lb.
Fabric: Nylon
Capacity: 50L
Direct Action Dragon Egg Tactical BackpackDirect Action Dragon EggWeight: 5 lb.
Fabric: Cordura
Capacity: 25L
3V Gear Paratus 3 Day Operators Pack3V Gear Paratus 3 Day Operator’s PackWeight: 4.5 lb.
Fabric: Nylon
Capacity: 47L

Top Rated Ultimate Bug Out Bags on the Market

Military Tactical Assault Pack Backpack – Small Bug Out Bag for Outdoor Activities

Military Tactical Assault Pack

Weight: 3 lb.

Fabric: Nylon

Capacity: 34L

Price: $


If you are in the market for a new small bug out bag for outdoor activities, but you also want a full-fledged military tactical backpack, then this bag might be just the thing you are looking for. The bug out bag is perfect as the small survival kit that will be able to save you during an extraction waiting period in a rescue, as it will offer all the essentials that you will need in the next 72 hours. The backpack is made from 600×600 Density fabric that is both resistant to water leaks and heavy stress. Whenever you are climbing a mountain or exploring an uncharted land, you will need to rely on your backpack to hold out during those kinds of trips.

As the shoulder straps are double stitched, this backpack will provide all the resistance to ware and tare that every adventurer requires from his backpack. When it comes to the size of the bag, it’s a bit under the medium size coming off at 35 liters of maximum capacity. The backpack is also equipped with tons of additional space and pockets that the user can access in all kinds of situations. It has two main zippers that open up the large main compartments and then in the front of the bag two more zippers open up the quick access space where you can store all your items that you need to be able to grab without going through all your things. The whole bag is reinforced with additional strap-ons to provide with more support during a highly difficult situation that can result in the bag getting damaged.

With all this, there is just one more thing that the bag needs and that is the additional padding. The back of the backpack is fitted with foam that will protect your back and make sure that all the heavy lifting is a bit easier. The straps on the shoulders also have a small spongy filling that will lighten the load and ensure that the weight is evenly distributed among the both shoulders. So, if you are looking for an all-around backpack that is not extremely big, but can provide you with all the essentials you might need for your hiking and other tactical needs than this backpack comes with a high recommendation from us as we would not spend our money on another product.


  • Offers everything advanced users need
  • Made from high quality materials
  • The price


  • Could use more room
  • Missing reflective patches
  • Needs more pockets

Explorer Tactical Gun Concealment Backpack – Perfect for Any Situation

Explorer Tactical Gun Concealment Pack

Weight: 4.2 lb.

Fabric: Nylon

Capacity: 56L

Price: $


Everyone that has a gun and wants to get a backpack knows that there is a dime a dozen to choose from. However, separating the garbage ones from the useful ones is a bit tedious as the market is sometimes oversaturated and needs to be more refined to everyone’s needs. For this reason, a backpack that is perfect for any situation, and can still offer you a concealed compartment for your gun is what we will be reviewing today. The bag is made from high-quality polyester which makes it highly resistant to wear and tear. Additionally, the bag is also waterproof and can be safely taken to any trips that will require you to get wet.

The bag is pretty big with a maximum capacity of 56 liters, which is enough to place inside at least two days’ worth of things for surviving in the wilderness. It is also fitted with additional compartments so you can easily access all the items you need from your bag. For instance, the bag has one big zipper that is made from the finest steel, which once opened will be the central spot for all the bulky items that can be packed and that don’t need to access in a hurry. For that kind of situations, there are about a dozen small pockets that are placed all over the backpack.

On the front of the pack there are 6 pockets that range from medium size to the smallest, and on the sides, we have even more additional pockets that provide different storage space. On the bags left side there will be the hidden gun holster pocket that can house anything up to a desert eagle. On the bags right side, there will be a bug out bag pocket and additional 2 pockets for quick access needs. The side of the bag also has a hidden pocket with a small zipper that can hold a laptop of up to 15 inches. The final verdict on whether you should get this bag or not ultimately boils down to your personal needs. If you are in the market to get a bag that is an all-rounder with tons of storing space and a hidden gun compartment, then there won’t be a better bag than this, on the other hand, if you want something smaller than 56liters you ought to check out some other bags on the market.


  • Excellent for long trips
  • Additional stitches for more safety
  • Made from good long-lasting materials


  • Can’t fit into other bags for transportation
  • Missing additional outside holders
  • Not fully water proof

Orca Tactical SALISH 40L MOLLE Large 3-Day – Great Quality Bag

Orca Tactical SALISH 40L MOLLE

Weight: 3.3 lb.

Fabric: Polyester

Capacity: 40L

Price: $


The backpack market has more bags to offer than there are used cars for sale today. That is good since diversity creates something for everyone, and competition makes everyone build and create better products. The bag has several features above the rest, which include: design, style, and functionality is hard to find, but we think that with the Orca Tactical SALISH 40L MOLLE we have found exactly what we have been looking for. A high-quality bag can offer more than just a reinforced shoulder straps; a good quality bag has all the check marks ticked when it comes to performance without sacrificing design and comfort. The Orca is a bag that has tons of space, and due to its design, it can be used outside the tactical aspect or the adventurous needs of a traveler.

The more we used this bag, the more we realized that it is built from high-quality materials and that it was made with many things in mind that both consider safety, practicality, and functionality. The bag has two main zipper compartments that once opened up offer some additional zipper storages within them. Namely one is for a laptop of up to a 15-inch size, and the other one has a net pocket that will be able to hold your small items that need to be above the rest of the bulk. Going further down the bag there will be two more medium sized pockets that also have zippers on them, and they are placed here with lots of thought. The items that you need to be able to grab at a moment’s notice, but also which you want to protect, are placed here.

The sides of the bag have small sewed on straps that can hold knives or similar equipment that can’t fit inside the bag. The materials that are used in this bag are high-quality 600Dx600D polyesters, and they are both waterproof and highly resistant to heavy weight stress. The shoulder straps are triple reinforced, which makes them highly comfortable for heavy loads and long prolonged use periods. The place where your back touches the backpack is also fitted with a sponge that will protect your back from getting strained by the heavy loads. All in all, the backpack is a fantastic addition to any tactical camping lover and even casual hiker. Money spent on this bag is money well spent.


  • Good price
  • Amazingly durable polyester materials
  • Has holders for knives


  • Could use more pockets
  • Not waterproof
  • Could have more color options

Sandpiper of California Long Range Bugout Backpack – Ultimate Bugout/Camping Bag

Sandpiper of California Long Range

Weight: 7 lb.

Fabric: Nylon

Capacity: 91L

Price: $$$


If you are looking for an all in one backpack that is the ultimate bug out/camping bag, then look no further than the Sandpiper of California long range bug out pack. The bag is made from high-quality polyester, and the material is so closely packed that it is resistant to water but not entirely waterproof. Additionally, the bag has the dimensions of 10.5 x 26 x 15.5 inches and is 7 pounds heavy. This makes it a medium sized bag with about a 50-liter maximum capacity.

For everyone that wants to go camping and that they might require a bug out bag kit, this bag is what they should seriously consider. The backpack is fitted with many pockets that make it an amazing storing item. It has over a dozen pockets that are scattered all over the backpack and even on its sides and front area. The bottom of the bag is reinforced, and the stitches on the shoulder pads are also re enforced so that they can provide a more secure and comfortable hold for your shoulder, should you fit the backpack to its maximum and set on a long journey. The backpack has also amazingly soft padding on the part where your back leans on the backpack. This is particularly useful for people that need to take a long hike before they reach their destination.

With the foam, you will be able to carry the maximum capacity of the bag without straining your back muscles. There are also two main zippers that open up into a larger pocket inside the bag. Once inside there is a netted area to place a laptop of about 14-inch screen size and all the items here will be protected from rain and outside elements as the walls are coated in nylon.

The zippers will be a soft spot for swimming in lakes, but if you need to traverse on such terrain, you might want to bring a spray that can make your backpack fully waterproof. Furthermore, the longer we examined this bag, the more we felt that the bag was the ultimate bug out/camping bag as it offered more bang for the buck. Other bags in the market of this caliber don’t offer so many comfortable and easy to reach areas, and they definitely don’t come close to the style and design, where this bag gets many of its good points.


  • Good padding
  • Additional stiches for more strain resistance
  • Good for many different adventures


  • Could use a bigger pocket for a laptop
  • Needs a better water resistance design
  • Could use a bigger space on the outside for a sleeping bag

Condor 3 Day Assault Pack – Great Value for Money (Editor’s Choice)

Condor 3 Day Assault Pack

Weight: 6 lb.

Fabric: Nylon

Capacity: 50L

Price: $$


The backpack known as Condor 3 Day Assault Pack has many things going for it, and we are delighted to tell you more about it as we have used it extensively and have come to a conclusion that this is one great value for the money backpack, and is our editor’s choice bag. The Condor comes in several colors which range from dark black, camouflage military green, dark green and yellow sand. All are made to be able to blend in the background so for hunters and other adventurous people that want a bag that they can use with their clothing color pallet this is an unusual feature. But the features for this bag don’t stop there.

It is made from high quality 1000-Denier, water and wear & tear resistant nylon. This material is regarded as one of the, if not the most rugged backpack shell material. People that require their backpacks to be able to save their items from torrential rains and other water situations can safely relax with this bag. Comfort is one of the most important parts of a high-quality bag, and on the Condor, it is a key feature. The shoulder straps are padded on both sides, making it easy to handle and a breeze for your shoulders when it comes to heavy loads. With its maximum capacity of 50-55 liters, this backpack will safely take care of you for three days if you pack the right things in it for your wilderness trip.

There is a total of 7 pockets of which there are two main big ones, and the others range from medium too small for all your storing needs. There is also another zipper on the part of the bag that is connected to your back. Here you can place any items that can additionally soften your back train. The back part of the bag is also fitted with a foam that will keep the strain on your back to a minimum, and on the sides, for your hops, there are two more spongy cushions that will make this bag leave a minimum strain on your whole body.

People that need a tactical looking bad for their regular daily lives, or just need the functionality of a tactical bag can seriously consider getting one Condor as the benefits that this bag offers are numerous and the design of this backpack is exceptional.


  • Can fit tons of things inside
  • Many different sizes of pockets
  • Quality padding


  • Not water resistant
  • Needs more straps for safety reasons
  • Could come in more color variations

Direct Action Dragon Egg Tactical Backpack – Durable and Lightweight Pack

Direct Action Dragon Egg

Weight: 5 lb.

Fabric: Cordura

Capacity: 25L

Price: $$$


Everyone that is in the market for a durable and lightweight pack should read our review on the Direct Action Dragon Egg tactical backpack. The design of this backpack is insanely useful and practical. Many backpacks that are on the market sacrifice something whether its functionality or design, or comfort so that they can have an edge in another area, but the Direct-Action Dragon Egg pack does not compromise in that way. In fact, the more we have used this backpack, the more we learned to love it and respect its design and functionality. Speaking of its design, there are two main pockets that open up and offer much smaller sized pockets within them for storage. On the outside, the bag has many additional holding features that range from straps, holders, and even on both sides an expandable bottle holder netted area. The material that is used in the making of this bag is Codura 500D fabric which is highly resistant to wear and tear.

This material is also excellent for camouflage as it lowers the detection rate for night vision scouts. It’s not a waterproof backpack, but it is water resistant which makes it a second best option when possible. Once we come to the comfort, things begin to shine, namely the back area of the bag, where your back connects with the bag, there is additional padding that will protect both your back and the contents of the bag. Here we have another zipper that once opened offers a perfect storage space for a laptop of about 15-inch size, and after that, there is another padding that will protect the insides of the big compartment where all the main items will be stored.

With a 60-liter capacity, this bag will offer you a nice two-three-day life support once you are in the wild, or just camping. On the bottom of the bag, there are additional two strap-ons that are perfect for holding a tent or a sleeping bag. The bag comes in a dozen different colors so everyone that has their preference can find something that they like. The design of the pack also allows for use outside of the adventurous needs. For instance, it can be a perfect bag for students and working people that require a safe storage for their daily needs.


  • High quality material
  • Good safety features
  • Amazing design


  • Could use more pockets
  • Not water proof
  • Needs more variation in color

3V Gear Paratus 3 Day Operator’s Pack – 3 Packs in 1

3V Gear Paratus 3 Day Operators Pack

Weight: 4.5 lb.

Fabric: Nylon

Capacity: 47L

Price: $$


The best backpack is a combination of 3 packs in 1, and the 3V Gear Paratus is just that. Every hunter and true adventurer know that a backpack can’t just provide one thing and ignore the other. When it comes to a good pack, there should be a combination of design, functionality, comfort, quality materials and of course the option to re-fit the bag with additional items that you might need to take on your trip. The 3V Gear Paratus is a bug out bag in addition to its hunting and survivalist capabilities. The bag is also fitted with a hydration system that will keep your thirst satiated in the long hikes.

Made from heavy-duty 600D PVC nylon and reinforced with double and triple stitched sides, this bag does not skim when it comes to comfort and safety. The paddings on this backpack are insane, and we mean that in a positive manner. With a maximum capacity of 60 liters, this bag needs to be able to offer comfort to the shoulders or else a trip won’t take long before the extraneous weight starts wearing people down. Lucky for people who want to get this bag, the shoulder straps are built extremely well and are fitted with a padding that offers ultimate comfort. The back part of the bag is also equipped with additional foam padding making it very comfortable on the back even after several hours. The bag also has an adjustable waist strap that can be fitted on all sizes.

There are several zipper pockets ranging from two big ones to several medium ones, and a bottom half that is detachable, depending on the needed situation. The bottom of the bag is also reinforced as it can hold up to 50 kilos of weight without any strain on the stitches of the bag. Furthermore, the outside front part of the backpack has a light sensitive PVC patch made to resemble the American flag. There are also two large MOLE patches on the side which offer pockets for quick access needs. Overall, for anyone that is in the market for a backpack that has more functionality than any other backpack the 3V Gear Paratus 3 Day Operator’s Pack is your dream bag.

We also consider it one amazing deal as backpacks usually don’t come this cheap without huge sacrifices in overall quality.


  • Perfect for long trips
  • Has tons of space
  • Price


  • Needs better stitching
  • Could use a gun holder
  • Not water resistant

How to Choose the Best Bug Out Bag Backpack – Ultimate Guide

This is the ultimate guide on how to choose the best bug out bag backpack. Here, you can find anything you want to know about these bags. We will be talking very detailed about these backpacks, and we will help you choose the perfect survival bag for you. Each person is different and has different needs. Therefore everyone needs to use a different type of backpack, and we are here to help you decide which one to pick. There is no better guide on how to choose your bug out backpack, sit back and read through this article. When you are finished, you will be ready to purchase the perfect bag for your needs.

Get a Bag with Enough Space

One of the first things that you must consider when choosing this type of backpack is to know how much space you require. To do this, you have to be organized and know beforehand what the essential things that you will be packing into your bag are. That will give you an estimation on how much space you need to fit all of your stuff. If you don’t organize your necessary equipment, you will be buying with the risk of the bag being too big or too small. Both of these scenarios are bad, and the best thing to do is avoid them by being organized.

The perfect bag for you must have enough space to store all of your essential things. Also having a little extra space can be beneficial if you decide to pack something more. However, you have to be careful not to buy a much bigger bag than you need because then you will be wasting space and the more space a bag has, the bigger the bag will be. When a backpack is too big, it can cause some un-comforting feeling. In a survival situation, you need to pack only the essential things with you. Therefore, be careful when packing not to overpack with unnecessary stuff.

photographer with bug out bag on his back

Many Separate Compartments

A good survival bag should have a lot of separate compartments. If your bag doesn’t have those, try to change it because it will help you out a lot. These separate compartments are important for many reasons, one of them being that they will provide you with the option to keep everything organized. The bug out bag must be organized because you just can’t have all your essential survival things on top of each other. Things inside the bag must be carefully packed and organized, so you can easily access them at any point.

If your bag doesn’t have compartments, then you don’t have the option to separate some important things, you would have to put everything in one big pile. That is not efficient in any way, and in a survival situation, not having everything organized can make a huge difference. These small compartments will allow you easy and fast access to all of your essentials. You will know exactly where your tools are placed, and you will not be wasting time dumping everything out of the bag just to search for one item.

man hiking wearing bug out bag

Lightweight and Comfort

Two things that are a must have for a good bug out bag are the comfort and lightweight. In a situation when you need to evacuate to a safe place, you can’t have a super heavy backpack slowing you down because that can get you killed. Of course, you are the one that is packing the bag. Therefore, you have to make sure you are not carrying some unnecessary weight if you are not able to move around with it. To test your weight limit, we suggest you take your packed bag on a hike and see what your comfort level is. That will give you a precise estimate of how much is too much for you.

As for the comfort part, there is nothing that you can change; you can only purchase a more comfortable backpack. Therefore, make sure that when you are making the purchase, you are satisfied with the comfort level that the pack is providing because later on, you can’t change that. We suggest you look carefully for a bag that has a lot of quality back support with enough airflow to make your life even easier. The perfect bag should have some additional straps that will allow you to tighten it down, so it won’t move around while running. That is because if your backpack is moving too much while you are on the move, it can cause a lot of discomforts.

woman hiking and wearing bug out bag

Additional Features

The best backpack is not the one that has the most features because having all the possible features can add a lot of additional weight that you don’t want to have. Therefore, sometimes less is more, especially in a survival situation when you need to be able to move fast. Try finding a bag that has very efficient features that will only benefit you, such as a water resistant or even waterproof material. Water resistant material means that the bag will not get soaked with water from rain, but if you try and swim it will get wet. Therefore, if you want a bag that can stay completely dry after submerging it, try the waterproof ones.

Also, one feature that will add a lot of weight to the bag, but is very beneficial is the hydration system. When in a survival situation, you must have clean water for drinking, that is the number one rule, and there is no better way to carry water than with a hydration backpack. Therefore, when choosing the best bug out bag, we firmly recommend buying one that has the hydration compatible option available because that means you will be able to add the hydration system manually to it if you want. Also having a MOLLE system on your backpack is very beneficial because it will allow you to attach all types of additional accessories to it.

bug out bag additional features

A Bug Out Bag Checklist of Supplies

When packing your bug out bag, there are some essential supplies and items that people simply forget about. Without these important things, your bug out backpack will not be complete. Therefore, if you have packed already your bag, make sure you have packed all these items that we will be revealing to you now. Without further ado, here are some of the most important things for your bug out bag checklist.


Surprisingly, the first thing that a huge number of people forget to pack is some identification. During an evacuation, the authorities are keeping records of people that have been successfully rescued. When you have an identification with yourself, you have much higher chances of finding the rest of your family members or friends. Therefore, make sure that you pack some ID in the backpack, it will not take up almost any space, but it will be extremely beneficial.


During an evacuation, you must have money on you. Relying on the money you have in your bank account is not a good choice because, in these type of situation, there is a good chance that the power will be out everywhere and you will not be able to withdraw any cash. That means that all the money that you have in your bank account is completely useless to you in these situations, that’s why you must have a certain amount of money on you in case something happens.

Of course, don’t carry all of your money with you because you could get robbed, or you might lose the money somehow while you are evacuating from the area. Take the amount that you think would be enough to purchase the essential things along the way such as food, water, fuel, or to pay for transport. Make sure you are keeping your money in a safe place that is waterproof for safety reasons.

Clean Water

This is very shocking that a huge number of people forget or don’t think it is necessary to have clean water in their bug out bags. Water is the essential thing that you simply must have because, without it, you can die in just a few days! Of course, when packing into your backpack, make sure that you are not taking too much water because it is heavy and will slow you down. Packing around 2-3 L water should be enough until reaching a refilling station.

Of course, there is a risk that you might not reach a place where you can refill the water bottles with fresh and clean water, in that case, you have only one option, and that is to carry a water purifying tool such as the Life Straw. This item can be purchased in any survival equipped shop, and it is not expensive. With this tool, you will be able to filter any water from bacteria and drink it safely. We highly suggest that you get one for yourself.

Reasons You Need a Bug Out Bag

The majority of people think that they don’t need to have a backpack prepared because they don’t understand how important and helpful it can be in a situation when you need to evacuate immediately. Some people don’t want it because they don’t think that something bad can happen to them and they will never need to evacuate. However, all of those people are wrong; everyone should have a bug out bag ready at all times because the worst can happen to anyone at any time. Here are some more reasons why you need to have a bug out backpack.

  • To Survive

The most obvious reason why people are making their bug out bags are that they want to be able to survive something terrible happening and they need to leave everything behind. If you think that you can survive two or more days without a proper survival backpack, then you are wrong. That is unless you have gone through some military type training camp where you learned how to survive without any tools. However, that is most likely not the case, and that means you must have a bug out bag prepared to survive two or three days on your own.

These bags are specially designed to carry a lot of different things, the items which you put inside are completely up to you. Therefore, you have to think smart and pack only the essential things you need. To make sure you have everything essential to survive, you can check online and find what essential things you need to survive are.

  • Protect Your Important Items

These survival backpacks are made with a lot of precision and with the goal to make them durable. Therefore, most likely the survival packs you have will be useful for protecting certain things that are very important for you such as identification or money. If you get in a satiation when you are forced to evacuate without a bug out bag, the only items that you will carry are money and some identification. Most likely those things will get destroyed if you don’t have a safe place to put them like a bug out bag that is waterproof. If you have this type of backpack, then you don’t have to worry about the safety of your delicate items because a good, quality backpack should be able to protect them from anything.


If you learned something from these articles, that is you must be ready and prepared for the worst at all times because you never know what might happen the next day. A bug out bag is definitely the best thing you can have for this type of situation. You can pack a lot of essential items and tools that will help you survive two to three days on your own. Having a backpack like that prepared and ready at all times is the smart thing to do because it doesn’t require a lot of money to create something like that.

All you need to do is buy a quality survival backpack that is very durable and fit all of your needs, and you have to pack it with only the most essential items. Remember less is more in certain situations when you need to move fast. Therefore, don’t pack the bag with things that will slow you down.


Want to know our number one pick from these bug out bags we reviewed? Even though you wouldn’t make a mistake if you choose any of these packs, we picked Condor 3 Day Assault Pack for the following reasons we wrote in full product review.


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