Our AquaQuest Stylin Review: Is This The Best Waterproof Backpack for 2018?

Our In-Depth Review of Aqua Quest Stylin

UPDATED: Aug 23, 2018 @ 9:37 am


  • Many additional features for extra comfort and stability
  • Lightweight
  • High volume capacity
  • Extremely durable
  • Versatile and intended for many purposes


  • The stitches tend to fall apart
  • Poor sewing quality
  • It lets the water in
  • It is not long-lasting if used every day with optimum load
  • Zippers tend not to work

Are you looking for the right waterproof backpack that will help you to keep your sensitive electronic equipment like Tablet, iPad or Laptop dry while you are climbing a mountain or crossing a river? Look no more, the right piece of gear is right in front of your eyes. And if by any chance you are a student, a schoolboy or just like outdoors activities rejoice, because the perfect solution is within reach of your very hand. Aqua Quest Stylin 30L Waterproof Dry Bag Backpack was designed for outdoors activities, college and school generations who tend to go hiking and camping in the wilderness.

For such festivities, they will need an appropriate piece of equipment that will keep their belongings and all other things perfectly dry at all times. This waterproof bag is the right gear for the task as it was designed for such extreme conditions. With a lot of additional compartments intended for various pieces of electronic gear, this backpack is simply perfect for people who can’t part ways with their gadgets, even when they are camping.

Whether your intention is just a daily urban use or going on an adventure, this backpack will keep you dry and warm no matter what. It does not matter if it is raining or snowing, feel free to carry your Laptop where ever you go, safely protected in your waterproof backpack.

About the Features

AquaQuest is 100% waterproof thanks to the right combination of materials. The fabrics used are top quality waterproof materials that are ensuring maximum protection from rain and water at all times. Nothing can infiltrate this backpack including sand, dust or dirt and snow. Your clothes and equipment will remain dry in any situation, guaranteed.

This backpack was designed for lightweight traveling and in addition to that, it is extremely durable. The idea was to create the perfect balance, especially if a traveler has to take a heavy load. The bag was mostly made of nylon as it turned out to be the strongest and the most durable and practical material for such a task. To maintain some comfort while being able to travel lightweight and still restore balance while moving, it had to be some light material that is also extremely durable.

woman in mountains wearing aqua quest 30l

High-quality webbing compliments the hardware of the backpack construction making it extremely efficient in all kinds of situations. With such a bag, you will experience nothing but the long-lasting performance with low maintenance.

Even though the durability and waterproof are essential features when it comes to choosing the right gear for outdoor activities, comfort also matters. It matters a lot especially if a traveler has to go a long way. In such occasions, the backpack has to have additional features that will help a traveler to adjust the weight and easily transfer it from shoulders down to the hips.

No matter what activity you are in, running, cycling, trekking or hiking and camping, you will need an optimal comfort to remain fit on the road. The way and the speed of your moving are substantially determined by the level of support your gear provides. Carry handles, sternum, hip and shoulder straps, ventilated and molded back panels are just some of the additional features that this amazing piece of gear has.

Maximum Comfort

There are many additional features that ensure that you move around with the utmost comfort even while carrying a heavy load. Hip, chest and shoulder straps are all adjustable and contoured. They were intentionally designed to fit anybody’s shape. There is a mesh panel on the back to prevent you from sweating more than you need.

aqua quest from the back


This backpack has only the highest performance scores. It is abrasion resistant and remarkably robust due to the perfect combination of nylon, lamination, and coating. If you do not overload it, it will last for a much extended period. In this case, the money justifies the quality. The combination of materials is not only waterproof and resilient to any environmental influences but, it is also an excellent protection for your stuff against sand, dust, dirt and even snow. Even in the case that you have to submerge yourself underwater for a short while, your equipment will remain completely dry.

Multipurpose Backpack

You will have quick access to any of your gear because of the front pocket with a zipper. There is a side pocket as well where you can store all of your dirty and wet clothes. That is particularly useful because you do not want all of your remaining stuff to get wet or dirty too. There is a see through front panel available as well which is helpful in case that you want to additionally organize your items promptly.

Capacity and Weight

This backpack has the full capacity of 30 liters and weighs around 800 grams. It is perfect for lightweight travels, and if you are by any chance a professional camper or a hiker, you’ll be surprised how much things you can put in this bag and remain within the weight level. With heat seams and double stress points, you will stay comfortable and fit even while carrying heavy loads.

aqua quest capacity

Primary Material

The material that was used the most for manufacturing of this backpack is nylon. It is a highly resistant material that is perfectly waterproof, and it makes taking and putting things in and out of the bag much easier. It is also abrasion resistant which makes it perfect for all sorts of outdoors activities. Since this is a backpack that was intended for younger generations, it is known that they tend to move a lot. This bag will protect their gear and keep it safe and dry, no matter what are the conditions outside. It is a perfect combination of fit material that is waterproof, highly durable and resistant, optimized for the maximum performance in the open.

Why Pick this Bag

If you are a young man in college that likes to go running around the hills and mountains or you prefer spending a weekend in a tent camping but, you still do not want to part ways with your tablet or iPad, this bag could be almost perfect for you. With the additional dry bag inside of the main compartment intended to keep your electronic gear and clothes dry, this backpack could be just perfect for skiing, camping, hiking, cycling or any other outdoor activity. In case that you need to keep your things away from getting wet, this backpack will serve its purpose just perfectly.

If you decide to get this backpack, you will be doing yourself a favor actually. It was made to last, out of the highest quality material. It is extremely durable and has many additional features that were meant to make your traveling a lot easier. With the additional straps and locks, this abrasion resistant, waterproof backpack will become your favorite companion on every trip.

In case that you need to go far away while carrying a heavy load on your back, the additional straps will make it easier for you. You will be able to transfer the weight from your shoulders to your hips and chest and countered shoulder straps would take it easy on the stress and pressure. Feel free to travel while resting assured that you will remain dry and warm in all situations, no matter the weather conditions. It is a perfect choice for someone who is up for an adventure.

Final Thoughts

Aqua Quest Stylin 30L Waterproof Dry Bag Backpack will prove itself to you like a worthy addition to the rest of your camping equipment or any other gear that you might have. It is a good backpack made of sturdy material that is completely waterproof and lightweight while also being resilient to any abrasions.

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