5 Tips to Make Your EDC Kit Better

How To Make EDC Kit Better

An everyday carry kit is the collection of things that you bring with you everywhere. In yours, you probably have some basic stuff like wallet, phone, and keys.

Have you considered to add some more stuff to your EDC equipment?

Let us explain:

Having a proper everyday carry setup is important to be well prepared and make your life easier. Adding some more stuff to your collection can solve some problem you are regularly facing, will give you a peace of mind and protect you from threats.

You are probably wondering:

What other things should you include? Well, this pretty much depends on your needs and wants. Most of the people will carry purpose made gear to solve some specific problems, and others will stick to the basics.

And honestly:

No matter what you have with you, these five edc kit tips will help you to improve your collection so you can meet your challenges.

If you want to know more, all you have to do is read on:

Tip 1: What Challenges or Threats Are You Likely to Face

To identify what is the most useful stuff to have in your kit, you need to make a realistic assessment of what obstacles you are likely to face. Some people will have a unique gadget or a notepad in their set, but that doesn’t mean you will need that too. Your perfect EDC kit should depend on your needs and wants.

Think about the threats that can happen in the area you live in and how to get out of them. For example, it is an excellent idea to learn a few safety tips on how to survive an earthquake. Also include some problems on a daily basis like needing to open boxes at work, or walking alone in a parking lot at night.

These are things that can happen to any of us at the most unexpected time. So, to be prepared make a realistic judgment of the probability of these issues happening. Think about the impact they will have on you.

According to this assessment make a list of items you will need to carry with you.

Tip 2: What Stuff Do You Carry Now?

We all have some essential items that we carry every day. Think about the stuff you’re already taking with you and what you can upgrade or remove that will be better to face up challenges. For example, if you carry some useless junk with you, leave it behind or throw it away if you are not going to use it.

Some men like to carry with them a bottle opener, but you can replace it with the mini-multitool. It will also give you the ability to torque, cut, screw, and pry. If you didn’t use some stuff for a while and they don’t meet up some challenges that you might face up, then don’t be afraid to remove it.

Tip 3: What gear can you add to your kit?

If you are thinking about what to add to your EDC kit, you should follow your instincts. People usually add many things, that you won’t probably need. But we have made a list of basic stuff that will help you to avoid some dangerous situation.

  • A knife
  • A compact, bright flashlight
  • Tactical pen
  • First aid kit
  • Lighter
  • Emergency whistle
  • Notepad
  • Paracord
  • Water bottle

These items can be used in a variety of situations, and the good thing is that they are lightweight.

survival cooking stove
bike first aid

Tip 4: How to carry your kit?

You have added some useful tools and removed things you don’t need. Hopefully, you did this based on challenges you’re facing up. The next step is to think about how are you going to wear your kit.

Don’t forget that this is an everyday setup and you have to wear it anytime you leave your house. Make sure that is comfortable enough for you to wear it. Put a small kit in your pockets or a small bag.

Carry and organize medium sized items in a shoulder pouch. And as for the larger gear, you should place it in a small backpack. If you want to carry your stuff in an EDC bag, choose the one that you can organize well.

Tip 5: Check your kit

When you choose the perfect EDC gear, it would be wise to check it from once in a while. Make sure that everything is still properly working and that is relevant to your needs. If there is no longer a threat in your area, you may remove the item you will not use.

Facing new challenges can be stressful, and it would be a good idea to add some new gear that will help you in an emergency situation. Remind yourself to review all the equipment you added later. If some item is broken, and you didn’t realize until it was too late, you will have a bad experience.


The idea of an EDC kit is to have it with you every time you leave your home. To stay comfortable, it is better to lightweight your gear as much as possible. Remove the stuff you are not going to need or add some light weight multi tool that will do several jobs for you.

It is not wise to overweight your EDC items because you can get uncomfortable and it may take you 10 minutes just to pack all of it. If that happens every time you are going out, eventually you will get tired of it and just leave it home.

So, make sure to go light and prepared.


Following this easy guide, you will be ready to face threats, and challenges life throws in your way. Remember that every item you add needs to depend on your personal preference, the area you live and the danger you might face.

Keep your stuff lightweight and follow these tips to ensure you are improving your everyday carrying kit.

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