Our 5.11 Tactical Rush12 Backpack Review for 2018

Our In-Depth Review of 5.11 tactical rush 12

UPDATED: Aug 22, 2018 @ 1:07 pm


  • Waterproof
  • Multipurpose Bag
  • 16 Compartments


  • Stitches fall apart
  • Hotspots
  • It bulges with time

Here’s a real treat for serious backpackers and something completely new and exciting for the people who are new to multi practical backpacks. The 5.11 tactical rush 12 backpack can be three different things at the same time, depending on what you need. You can use it for hunting or as an assault backpack or just as a regular bag when you just have to pack some things and go.

It is perfectly adjusted and balanced for carrying the heavy loads, and it has many useful features that are additionally making everything much easier for the backpacker. With numerous features and the additional kit, this can become a perfect companion for long hikes, hunting trips or just a walk in the woods, depending on what a particular individual likes and wants. It is a backpack intended to cover many purposes with the highest possible performance. Take this multipurpose backpack anywhere you go.

Out of 16 compartments that were made for many different uses and some additional features, this bag could be anything that you ever wanted out of a backpack. It can be used for at least three or four different purposes, depending on what you want to do but, this piece of camping gear will make your travels a lot easier.

With a great and modern design, you will be able to carry at least twice as many things than before. While being able to organize them in such a manner that you can keep everything within your reach, your travels and walking tours or camping adventures will become memories and tales to remember for a very long time.


There are three types of features, exterior, internal and the additional ones. Exterior features would be eyewear pocket, grab handle, contoured yoke, and compression straps, while the internal would be mesh pockets, main compartment, hydration pocket and admin panel.

Exterior Features

  • Eyewear pocket has a really simple purpose, to provide storage for your sensitive gear like a phone or sunglasses. It can really come in handy when it is stormy, and the clouds are blocking the sun, and it comes by surprise. It is always good to keep your phone or glasses within your reach. The pockets are fleece lined to make sure that you do not damage any of the sensitive gear.
  • Grab will give you a tight grip. It is always important to have a tight grip on your bag; it makes it easier for you to balance the weight on your back while you walk or climb a steep hill. The grab is additionally reinforced to give a firmer feel.
  • You can mount some additional hoses for hydration on the side ports. If you are running low on water, this can be really useful. Instead of taking out the water bottle, you can now use the hoses for the necessary hydration.
  • The yoke will lighten the weight and take it off the shoulders while the compression straps keep everything in place and make it easier to move around with a lot of gear. If you have to go a long distance, this will turn out to be amazingly useful, and you will be able to travel much faster because of this feature. It is always smart to keep everything secured while you are moving.
man wearing grey 5.11 tactical rush 12

Internal Features

  • The hydration pocket is your storage room for water. The spacy main compartment will make it easy for carrying a lot of things at once. You can use it for as many purposes as you can think of. This pocket can take up to 1,5-liter volume, and it comes with a bladder hanger.
  • It is always important to organize your gear simply because you will be able to take more with you. Mesh pockets with zippers will take care of this task and help you with the gear organization. Since these pockets are mesh, you will be able to quickly take what you need because you can see through them.

Additional Features

  • This backpack is just perfect for any customization of your choosing. There are loop and hook locations, two of them and you can make your backpack look how you want it to look.
  • There is a web platform on the backpack with a SlickStick system. You can rearrange your storage room and make it more suitable and convenient for many purposes.
  • With a sternum strap, you will be able to make your backpack much easier for carrying around as well as relief the pressure off your shoulders by reducing stress.

Four Different Colors

This water resistant backpack comes in four different colors, and it can serve many purposes. It was made from the high-quality nylon which makes it amazingly durable. It comes in black, gray, cameo and beige colors.

5.11 in different colors

16 Compartments

5.11 Tactical Rush 12 Back Pack has 16 different compartments that will help you with the organization of your gear and storage room. Since there is a possibility of changing and rearranging the main compartment, the storage options are endless.

Experienced backpackers will appreciate this the most since they know how important it is to have some additional storage room because you never know why you will need it.

The Stability Will Be Ensured

With three different kinds of the additional features, this backpack will offer a total stability like none other. Three types of straps will keep your gear in place and make it much easier to move around with a bigger load. If you are planning a camping vacation, it would be safe to say that this bag would be the best possible choice.

5.11 tactical rush from the back

It Was Built For Many Practical Purposes

This waterproof bag is just perfect for any season and situation. Whether you are just a backpacker or a professional hiker, it is all the same. You can use it for so many purposes since its features made it almost perfect for it. Simply put, this bag has it all that an individual could need to go out into the wilderness. Organize your gear and storage room how you see fit and enjoy this fabulous bag. Make it a part of your equipment because this is what you have been waiting for all along.

High-Class Quality Material

Tactical Rush 12 Back Pack is made of 1050D nylon, a highly resistant material that is waterproof. No matter the weather, you can always rest assured that your gear and clothes will remain dry with this bag. This is a multipurpose bag so you can use it for many useful things when you are out there in nature. Whether you are a hunter, a camper of just a naturalist who likes taking long walks, this bag will open your eyes to a new world of adventures.

unzipped backpack

Water Resistant Construction

With this Tactical Rush bag, your gear and clothes will always remain dry, no matter the climate. Everyone who is seriously into hiking or camping knows how important this is.

If you are out there in the wilderness and you solely depend on your gear, you will want it to be as best and high quality as it can be. This bag is simply perfect because it is completely waterproof. The material will protect all your possessions and belongings at all times.

Why Pick This Bag

The 5.11 tactical rush 12 backpack is the right choice simply because it has everything that a bag should have. It is waterproof, made of the highest quality material that is extremely durable, it comes in four different colors and can be used for many different purposes.

It has many features that will make it even easier on a backpacker. You can transfer the weight and the pressure to rest much better, it is perfect for carrying lots of the additional equipment.

Anyone who is into professional camping gear should at least consider this backpack. And if in case you break your zippers, do not worry, you will get some additional self-repairing ones. These YKK zippers are really tough.

Final Thoughts

It comes in four colors, it’s extremely durable and waterproof and has a lot of useful features. Out of 16 compartments, there are many ways how you can organize your storage room and take lots of additional gear with you. Also, hydration and weight transfer will not be a problem too. It is a really warm recommendation for anyone who is into any outdoor activities.

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